Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hey There!

What a great weekend it's been :-)

Friday night we went to see the Little Fockers with Lindsay and Joseph. I have to say I was sort of disappointed. That always happens with sequels. They get worse the more they do:( But it was great getting to see the Future Sundays and afterwards we got to check out their new car! So happy for you Linds!

Saturday was spent doing lots of crafting. More on that in a week or so when I can spill the beans on what was being made!

Also on Saturday I played with my cricut (some more!). I apologize if you are not interested in my crafting, but it's what I'm most excited about right now so I expect there will be lots of craft related posts from here on out.

I bought some etching cream at Michael's and had been etching to try it out. Haha I crack myself up!

First idea was to put a fleur de leus on a glass bottle.

The outcome was not so great, I think because I wiped it dry after rinsing. Oops.

Okay, take two. I cut a stencil with the word "grow" with the cricut out of clear contact paper. I placed it on my bottle.

Then I applied the armour etch and let it sit for 20 minutes.

After rinsing, I pulled it off and voila! It can be used as decoration by itself, or used as a vase for a single stem flower. Love it:)

Sunday was spent doing laundry and finally putting away all of the Christmas decorations. Everything is back to "normal" and looking rather plain:/ Now I'm thinking my living room needs more color!

You know how they say when you have some money and want to spend it, it's "burning a hole in your pocket"? Well that's what I feel like when that cricut is sitting all alone in my craft room. Like it needs to be put to use!

Sooo...I decided to take on a craft I came across on this blog a few days ago. I thought it was too cute and seemed too easy not to take on!

First I started with some not so glamorous Seminole head coasters. Of course David liked them, but I thought they could be improved and maybe "fit in" better with the living room decor.

David just shook his head when I whipped out my white spray paint. He's learned to stop asking what I'm doing and just accept it. Hah!

Sooo, I spray painted those babies and ended up with this, a blank slate.

Much better already. (love my noles but those reminded me of a college boy's dorm room!)

Then I cut my scrabble letter & number. The points for a "J" in scrabble is apparently 8 according to google so I went with it.

Then I applied it to all the coasters.

And followed it up with three coats of mod podge to seal it!

Complete- love it!

I also got my antique window hung in the guest room. And I don't know if I ever shared a picture of the semi-completed room, so here it is!

Don't know how I didn't get a picture of it near the bed, but the wreath is hung to the right of the window. Remember it's the one that has now been painted three times!

And then I got confident and decided to play with the Manual mode on my camera and got up close and personal with the textures in the room :)

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