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Saturday morning, very early, myself, Lindsay, Lindsay’s sister Ashley and another bridesmaid Shaila loaded up in Lindsay’s car Addison Acadia (my car’s twin) and headed North. Of course getting there was half the fun, right?

We loaded up the car, set my GPS (Natalia) to our destination and headed out in the frigid temperatures. I deemed myself the co-pilot because I was put in charge of the navigation and was granted shotgun by the back seat riders. (Where I remained the entire trip because me and the pilot worked best together – no offense other riders!)

After a few disagreements on the best way to get there, we traveled through some dark backroads, sketchy neighborhoods and made a few U-turns because Natalia didn’t know what she was doing…we were on the right path to the ATL! Love this pic- shot it in manual and am proud of myself!
Small town, still sleeping.

Our driver. I promise her eyes are open when she's actually driving. It's just she's allergic to the flash;)
Shaila trying unsuccesfully to catch some Zzzz's.

On the way there we passed a gas station/store called Striplings with the slogan that said, "You never sausage a place!" <-- LOVE it!! Oh and this is how we kept ourselves occupied on the drive/trip- Fat Face!! Ashley
Mrs. Theresa
Yours truly!

Lindsay’s first appointment was at 11:30 but we arrived in ATL about 10:30 and dealt with a not so happy hostess who clearly had better things to do than let us check in early to the hotel even though they were told the night before that this would be allowed. Big sis Ashley came in and set her straight and off to our room we went.

Our hotel was pretty neat and we were in quite the room.
The "lounge side of the room". Through that back right door is the "bedroom" area. Swanky!

We could even see a mountain from the hotel!
Lindsay’s momma drove from Pensacola and met us at the hotel and after some freshening up and changing of clothes, we were off again.

Can I just say I do not heart Atlanta traffic?

The first stop was a little disappointing as the dresses were super pricey and nothing just really tickled Lindsay’s fancy. Plus it was a very small shop and all the focus was on the bride-to-be and her reactions of the in house designer’s gowns. Talk about pressure.

We finished up the first appointment quicker than expected and went and got some lunch at Zoe’s Kitchen. The food was pricey and not plentiful enough for me, but my chicken roll-ups were very good.

Me, Linds, Ashley

Cool lights!

After a quick walk across the street to CVS for a restroom break, pack of gummy bears, pack of white chocolate pretzels, pair of gloves and some toothbrushes, we made our way back to the car for the 2:00 appointment. Our next stop was a lot more fun and had a lot more choices. Did I mention that Lindsay is like the most perfectly sized bridal-gown- model-lady? This next shop was a busy place and every time she came out in a dress it seemed everyone stopped, even other brides, to see what she looked like. And might I say, every dress looked so good on her. *jealous* ;)

Our next and final stop was at a really fancy place called Priscilla of Boston.

This is ¾ of the judging panel. There were strict no photo policies everywhere we went, but being the rebel I am, I clearly took out my camera and snapped away rule follower I am, I only snuck a pic or two when the consultant scurried off.

After we were done dress shopping it was getting close to hungry time.

We went back to the hotel to refresh ourselves, and take a break before heading to the much anticipated cheesecake factory! 4/5 of us took advantage of the hotel’s complimentary cocktail hour. I’ll give you one guess as to who opted out…lame-o me who doesn’t care for alcohol didn’t drink even if it was free!

I slipped out of my flats and put on my comfy shoes and fluffy socks and was like a new woman. We’d had a long day on our feet!

By the time we got to the restaurant, there was a 2 hour wait. Yikes! We put in our name and then walked over to the mall next door, where Lindsay found her wedding shoes.

Spikes are in, right?


We played in the Apple store for a little while and burned more time before returning to the restaurant to wait for another 45 minutes or so. Lindsay looks like she just got caught!

After we were finally seated, we were half asleep and starved. We were finally eating at around 10:30 and I know I ate a delicious Crispy Buffalo Chicken Sandwich but dang if I can hardly remember it! I.was.so.tired. But not tired enough to take a few fun pics at the table.
Sisters :)

Including one of this delicious red velvet cheesecake that Lindsay and Ashley were going to split but the whole table ended up eating it. Whoops! So yum!
We left the restaurant to battle the freezing cold temps to the car, and headed to the hotel where we promptly plopped into bed and were out like lights.

Sunday morning we got up at the crack of dawn and jogged three miles, I mean moseyed out of the room at about 10:15 just in time for breakfast. Which was fabulous by the way! This complementary breakfast had an omelet made to order bar that came with pancakes, home fries, sausage and bacon. And for the less cholesterol approach, there was the normal/healthy food bar with the usual fruit loops, bagels, fruit etc…I stayed far away from that section.

We left Atlanta about 11:30 and made the long drive home. We did get to drive through downtown Atlanta though when we were leaving and I was giddy seeing all the big buildings as it was getting me pumped for New York! We even saw the building where Lindsay will be working when she moves there this summer. Very cool!

On the way home we stopped for lunch only a few hours after breakfast. Yes, we’re the fat kids. Mmmm Checkers fries.

Oh and another weird thing, we saw three dead cows hogs unicorns furry beasts oversized animals on the side of a major highway spaced every quarter mile or so. One was pretty much in two pieces…like an animal explosion. Not pretty but I guess that’s life on a farm when you live next to a highway. Eek, poor animals:/

So that’s our girls road trip to the city of hot-lanta. What fun!

Thanks to our ring leader/planner/pilot Lindsay for putting it together and getting us there and back in one piece! I had a blast!!

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  1. 1. Thanks for being such a great co-pilot! I really don't know how on earth we would have gotten around last weekend! You're the best!!

    2. Thanks for all the sweet comments about being a great wedding dress model :) Seriously, being a wedding dress model boosted my ego and spirits WAY UP and I would love to have those feelings all day every day!

    3. I look awful in the pic of me driving! Haha!

    4. I had no idea you took a pic of my (nonexistent) behind at Checkers! Talk about some fat kids!

    5. We'll have to go back to the cheesecake factory. I'm debating whether last weekend counts as you going since we were so tired and hardly remember it! PLUS its my new goal in life to try all the different cheesecakes there!

    6. Have a good rest of the week!



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