Thursday, January 13, 2011

“Slack” to the “er”



I’ve been slightly slacking.

The truth is, I’ve been doing some fun stuff this week but it’s all for something that I can’t share what it is until after Saturday.

Turns out I’m not all that interesting without crafty stuff to post about.

Anywho, it’s as my good friend Renee likes to call it “Small Friday” aka Thursday and I’m super excited about Erin’s baby shower Saturday and a three day weekend. Oh and not to mention my favorite Dad in the whole world turns the big 5-0 on Sunday! Whoa!

Tonight I plan to stay warm and watch Wipeout. Gosh I love that show! You talk about side-splitting knee-slapping laughter?! You can sho ‘nuff get some and I LOVE TO LAUGH. It’s like my favorite thing to do, besides eat of course. I don’t know what’s so funny about people in pain but hey if it’s their choice I say I have permission to laugh!!

Other big events for the evening – David is going to Bainbridge after work to buy a new fender for his truck. You see, quite a few years ago two in love teenagers were laughing at some deer feed in the back of a neighboring truck in the mall parking garage. All the while said boy teenager was backing out of the parking spot and was too busy cracking up over the deer feed to notice the large concrete pole about to bump uglies with the front of his truck. Ooops! Haha, well 3 or 4 years later it’s time to get it fixed.

Oh and because I like to spend so much of my time blog reading instead of blog writing, I wanted to share some of my favorite DIY blogs. I know a lot of people have said they enjoy YHL’s so I wanted to share a few more of my dailies.

Young House Love (I’ve shared this one many times)

Bower Power Blog (This gal cracks me up, she’s cheap like me, and is a DIY queen & not to mention her hubby is a rough around the edges hunk ;) )

Perfectly Imperfect (Beautiful home decor and fabulous furniture redos)

Honey We're Home
(She's got lots of moola but still does great DIY projects)

All Things Thrifty (where I found my lima bean wreath tutorial)

Better After (My favorite site for good ol' before and afters)

PS- Our trip to NYC and Boston is in the near future! Absolutely. Can’t. Wait.

PPS- I had some M&M yogurt today. This serves no purpose other than to add some visual interest to this post seeing as it's sans photos.

Okay well that’s about all I’ve got for today.

Ta Ta for now!

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  1. Im so ready for saturday! Thanks for sharing the blogs cant wait to check 'em out :)



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