Friday, February 24, 2012

Water Bottle Roundup

First of all, Happy Friday! It has been the longest week and I have a busy weekend ahead!

Now onto something more exciting, or not.

Since I am now 7 WEEKS soda free I have become best friends with water. More so water bottles. It's just so much easier to grab a plastic bottled water on my way out the door than to put it in a cup, ice, etc.

I was bringing the plastic bottles to work and encountered problems. The main one (and only one really) is that it got hot too quick. I like my water COLD. It tastes so much better that way. There is no ice at work and the water fountain tastes funny so I needed my water to stay cold through the morning. It gives me something to do instead of snacking. (and I am proud to also report that I am down 12 lbs since I started watching what I eat and switched to water!)

Well I decided I needed to stop going through so many throw away bottles so I pulled out my camelbak water bottle and brought it to work. I put ice in it and it melted almost instantly and caused a condensation runoff the size of Niagara Falls on my desk. No bueno.

So on a recent Target trip I happened to be in the kitchen department (always gotta check on the servingware and kitchen towel sales!) I saw this hot pink baby.

I did a little happy dance and knew my problem had been solved! Not only is it a tumbler that'll keep my ice from melting too quickly and my drink cold, but it has this extra buffer zone inside to prevent sweating.


Oh and the cap screws off, or the top comes off if u want to be able to add ice. I am loving it. My drink stays icey cold and my desk stays free of drink rings!

Check it out here if you want to read about my awesome double walled water vessel! The brand is Aladdin.


  1. Ahhh, I love that bottle (I have a Camelback water bottle too)! Too bad I don't have a Target nor do they ship here :( Awesome job by the way on losing the weight, that's sooo great!!!!



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