Thursday, October 18, 2012

Beach Bunko 2012

This trip marked the 4th (I think) Annual Beach Bunko! It was great as always!

Before I get into our weekend, first let me explain Bunko if you’re not familiar. So our Bunko group is made up of 12 fabulous women. I am the youngest in the group so the ages range from 25 to about 76 (GMa that’s your marvelous age right?). On the second Friday of every month, our group gets together at whoever’s hosting (it moves from player to player) and we play Bunko! There’s tons of yummy food, alcoholic beverages, and more! Bunko is a dice game. We each put $5 in the pot and play the game. It’s really just luck but you play three rounds of 6 games. There are monetary prizes for most wins, most losses, travel, tie game, and most bunkos. If you want to know more about the technicalities of the game, you can google it. It’s sometimes spelled Bunco.

Our group has been playing Bunko now going on something like a decade. Or close to it. Or close past it. I can’t remember honestly but we’ve been doing it a long time. We’ve lost a few and picked up a few here and there, but we still probably have 80% of the original Bunko group. I definitely look forward to it every month! It’s funny but every house we looked at for sale I always based the kitchen on if it’d be good for Bunko hosting! I can’t wait to host next Summer because it’ll be in the new house!

For the past couple years now (4 I believe) we’ve been going to St. George every October for Beach Bunko. We rent a huge house, the same one every year, and go down for a long weekend. We play bunko usually on Friday night and then spend the rest of the weekend on the beach and eating leftovers! We really do have a wonderful time. A house full of 12 (some crazier than others! Smile ) women is always a good time! You just never know what you’ll find in your bed. Or in your toilet. One year there was a dead fish left in somebody’s toilet. And this year someone (the mystery never was solved!) put weird stuff in beds. Mops, window screens, ping pong paddles, kitchen appliances, etc…It’s a weekend full of pranking so you tend to expect the unexpected. Hah! It’s all good fun though. Smile

So I’ll leave you with pictures from the weekend.

Can’t wait til next year!



View from Mom and I’s room.



Momma’s new dark hair!


Love her.



Like paradise…













We missed you GMa!


Mom matching the sofa. It’s all the rage!

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