Thursday, October 18, 2012

Lot(s) of Excitement!

I guess all it took was me going out of town, but the day after I left for Beach Bunko I got a text from David that lot clearing was to commence that day. WOO HOO!!

He rode by after work and sent me pictures. I was absolutely giddy. This is really happening!

When I got back on Sunday I had to go see it for myself and take progress pictures.





Since then I’ve now been out two more times during work hours.
Thankfully I have a boss who recently built a house and understands you may be needed on site without much notice. We had to resolve a tree conflict and to “sign off” on the lines for the house placement!

They still had a bunch to clear as of Sunday but they’ve since made great progress and had the lot completely cleared off when we went out yesterday!


10-17-12, whoa, clearing shock.


10-18-12. Setting lines to place the house.


Earlier this month. I can hardly believe it looked like this a week ago.

So a quick tangent…I’m not a self proclaimed Tree Hugger, but I was definitely sad, and felt bad for all the trees coming down. I even verbally apologized to them. Who are we to come in and decimate something that’s been standing longer than we’ve been alive? I kept thinking of Ferngully and the big mean bulldozer taking out the Forest. It makes me sad. But that’s life I guess. The show goes on. I wish they could just be uprooted and replanted somewhere else…

With that being said, the people clearing the lot and the builder said they have been dealing with some very nasty neighbors. They’re mad about the space being cleared and the abundance of trees that were removed.


I feel bad because it’s not our people’s fault. They’re just doing their job. This probably means that everyone is going to hate us when we move in because we wiped out all the trees on the lot. I guess the people behind and around us thought that when they bought behind a wooded lot it would never sell and be cleared?

Although we did take out a lot of trees so I can understand. Pretty much 100% of them. We like trees. I love the coziness of them. But I’m also terrified of them falling on the house and the fact that it does make those parts of the yard not as usable. We plan to plant some to our liking and on a smaller scale. But we wanted every square inch of usable yard to be cleared. I think it doesn’t help that all the houses we’ve recently seen are in newer neighborhoods and have zero trees. Maybe we just got used to that look and it’s what we wanted. We like lush green space versus woodsy for our backyard. I guess the neighborhood peeps wanted only the trees taken out where the house is going and all surrounding ones left. I’m sorry future neighbors. I hope you forgive us and don’t egg our mailbox or leave us mean notes. I’ll bake you cookies and beg for forgiveness. I’m  having serious worries over the fact that there are grudges against us before we even move in. Sad smile

Anywho, that’s the latest and greatest. It’s happening so fast now! I’ll refer to the builder from here on as BB for “Builder B”. B stands for Brad and his son Bradley. They’re tag teaming it.

So, when we left today, BB said that if all goes as planned, the slab will be poured next week. Then he says it’s all down hill from there!  


Oh and scroll down to see the Beach Bunko post. Two posts today!


  1. So exciting!!

    People will get over the trees coming down. It's a shame but that's the way of the world. You didn't clear a forest, you cleared a lot. Also, I'm sure when their houses were built trees had to come down.

  2. Yay! So neat watching the progress.
    Pooey neighbors. Don't let them interfere with your exciting time. Theyll get over it and if not, they can move. It's an adjustment having your woodsy view taken away. We were the first house built and watched as they slowly cleared away around us. We weren't ugly though...shame on those neighbors. What happened to the trees on their lot ;)



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