Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Decor

Just a little bit of spooky décor to get into the Holiday spirit!

TLG_1773  TLG_1784

Still love my Ikea frame turned chalkboard! And I tried a white pumpkin this year.

I bought 6 $0.99 Ikea Tolsby frames on our last trip. I intended to chalk board them and use them to write the names of food for get togethers.

Well, I finally put the chalkboard vinyl on them that I bought months ago.

That stuff is awesome by the way!



PS - the tip to getting smooth and vibrant chalk writing is to wet the chalk first. It’ll go on hardly there but when it dries it’s stark white and smooth!

They turned out SO cute! I decided they’d serve several purposes as well as holiday decoration pieces.

And I can always turn them around and use the blank side to slip cute papers in.

I got the 2012 photo 3096495-2 

1, 2

Like these! They can be spray painted too. I want at least a hundred more!

Anywho, that’s it. Not going too far out on the décor this year. But I absolutely can’t wait until Holiday decorating at the new house!


  1. I'm loving that chalk board, and the white elephant. I want the elephant!!!


  2. I love that idea!! I have a ton of those frames as well, I have five on my desk at work and people are always asking where I got them from. I have some orange ones at home and a few pink ones as well that are just sitting in my closet waiting on me to do something with them.



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