Monday, October 22, 2012

Pinterest Party!

Monday night my sweet friend Nicole hosted a Pinterest Party! What was supposed to be a big group ended up being just a few of us, but it actually worked out best that way. We each made a food we’d seen on Pinterest. Nicole (well her sister!) made the main dish of amazingly fluffy grilled cheese and some fabulous crock pot soup. Nicole also made yummy cocktails! I made acorns for dessert and another friend Katie made kale chips as an appetizer!

Oh, and Katie even folded the napkins via a Pinterest tutorial! Impressive.

We really enjoyed sitting around yummy Fall food and chatting the night away. Well at least until 9:00 anyway Smile

I hope this becomes a Seasonal get together! I seriously can’t wait to have a house again to start hosting these fun get togethers.

Thanks again for having us Nicole!


Me, Nicole, Katie, Lauren

IMG_8616[1] IMG_8617[1]

And how can I make a cute food without doing a photo shoot of it?

I can’t.

TLG_1699 copy

Acorn idea found on Pinterest and borrowed from Six in the Suburbs Blog.

TLG_1701 copy

These little babies were in the fridge before I took them outside…


…then they got sweaty on me.

TLG_1703 copy

Presentation is key. Toting them in this locking jar was perfect!

Aren’t they so cute? And great because you can eat one or twenty depending on your level of dessert hunger. Smile


  1. A Pinterest party is an awesome idea! I definitely need to host one of these.

    And when you said you made acorns for dessert, I was definitely questioning how one would go about eating such a thing. Glad to see it's mostly chocolate and cookie!

  2. What a neat idea! Those pictures you took look like something I'd see on Martha Stewart :)



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