Thursday, October 4, 2012

Life Thru My Phone

Katie, Brittney, Nicole, Kelly, Katie, Me.

Girl’s Brunch at Another Broken Egg to celebrate Nicole’s birthday!

Bed bug of the Moose variety.

Moose kisses.

Foot warmer of the Remington brand.

My Fall mantle. I can’t remember if I shared already. One day I’ll put up a tutorial for the burlap banner. But I’ll probably forget.

1) Cut burlap triangles with rotary tool.

2) Hand paint letters with black acrylic paint.

3) Fold tops over twine and hot glue.

Whew, now that tutorial is done so nevermind. Smile


Can’t remember if I shared that one on the blog either. Sorry if I did.

photo (1)

Food Truck Thursday!


Moosey goosey!

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