Monday, November 5, 2012

Am I Really 26?


That came pretty quick! But it definitely beats the alternative.

“Never regret growing older as it is a privilege denied to many” – Not sure where that came from

True dat.


I had a wonderfully fabulous birthday weekend! My birthday fell on a Saturday this year which is always awesome. I’m not one to take off work on my birthday so I appreciated the festive day off!

It started with Mom and I going to Mule Day. It’s a craft/foody event in Calvary, GA that we attend every year. I usually get some good stuff but for the first time ever I didn’t buy a thing.

Well, we had some corndogs but that’s it. Jumbo ones at that. They were good.

photo (3)

Mules lined up for the parade.

image_1 (3)

image (3)

Making Cane Syrup.

That evening we went out to eat at my usual favorite dinner spot, El Jalisco’s. photo

My Momma insisted I wear the giant birthday pin. Since I forgot to wear a scarf, it completed my look after all!

My nearest and dearest were there and I loved every minute of it! Thank you SO much to those that came!

I also got my drinky drink on. Which consisted of 1.5 alcoholic beverages (AKA bowl sized fruity drinks) and a disgusting shot of tequila that I had to down because everyone was watching me while the sombrero men were singing.



image (2)

The Dawkins.

image_1 (2)

On my second and Renee’s still on her first…oh dear…carry us out!


<3 Family.

photo (2)

I’m a lightweight and we had fun. Renee was my partner in crime. She’s a lightweight too. We’re cheap dates Smile

I got such thoughtful gifts and I’ve already blown through all but one of my gift cards. Is that bad? Nah, it’s my birthday!

After dinner some of the group came to my parents for a bon fire and birthday cake.

image_2 (2)


Favorite picture of the night. Love this girl Smile 



Second favorite picture!


Love my Momma!


Ohhhh dear…


We all enjoyed our margaritas!



All the pictures that came out good are stolen from Renee!

I thoroughly enjoyed myself and had such a wonderful birthday! Thank you to everyone for making it so special!


  1. I am so glad it was wonderful :) These pics make me smile, by the looks of it the drinks made for a good time!

  2. Happy belated Birthday girl!! It looks like you had a great time!!

  3. Happy Birthday!! Looks like you guys had a blast! And I have the feeling 26 is going to be a great year for you.



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