Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Kim’s Birthday Weekend

Kimbo (SIL) and her hubby Josh were up this past weekend visiting for her birthday! We had an awesome weekend. Saturday we had Genghis Grill AND got to go see Breaking Dawn…oh my. LOVED IT. I can’t wait until it comes out on DVD!

We spent all the time we could together this weekend even if it was just lounging. I also took pictures of them for the first time for some Christmas cards. I can’t wait to share them on the blog (Kimbo lemme know whenSmile)!


This is right after I told Remi his Auntie Kimbo was coming to see him!

While hanging out at Big David and Mrs. Robin’s on Saturday (also Kim’s bday!), I tried to help K&J learn some stuff on their new camera while playing with mine too. I’m pretty sure I’m a bad teacher since I’m still learning myself!

RemiandMoose 11-18-12

I LOVE this picture I got of my babies. It’s the epitome of them. Remi, the studious calm one, Moose, she’s GO GO GO! She couldn’t stay seated for onemoresecond. It was pounce time!

The poochies did a lot of playing with their cousin Bailey!


Hanging by the fire with Grandma and Grandpa.


Treat time from Grandma!

Moose, Bailey, Bear, Remi.


Remi is concentrating hard on that treat!

TLG_2475 TLG_2492


Bailey has the most awesomely cool colored eyes.


Moosey and her ball.


Bad setting on my side. But it’s a standoff! I think Moose is the ref…

TLG_2513 copy

My little love.


Chase! My poor Rem. Always in last place. He’s certainly no greyhound when it comes to speed.


Wish she was looking this way!


Pinned ya!


My favorite SIL! <3


Taken on my camera while I’m trying to figure out theirs.


I made Kim be my model while I got my settings right. She doesn’t know I’m using this because she was goofing off but I love it. Her eyes are killer. I’m super jealous. 


This was one pooped pup at the end of the night. hinthint Rem.


Kimbo loving on her fur nephew!

Alright so as you can tell we did a lot of things with the poochies this weekend. Luckily Kim’s low key and is good with that!

Love you guys and Happy Birthday Kimberly!!


  1. I love all of the pictures...even the one where I'm goofing off :-)

    Thank you so much for your camera tutorials too! Hopefully the next you see me, I'll be a bit more skilled using the camera.

    P.S. Add any pictures you'd like from our session!

    Love and Miss you!

    <3 Kimbo

  2. Your fur babies are so pretty and handsome!! You and Kim look awesome and the pic of her goofing it a great shot and her eyes are oh so pretty... that is all :)



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