Saturday, November 10, 2012

If you like it then you shoulda put a Monogram on it!

I seriously love monogrammed stuff. Which is why I need an Embroidery machine.

Sigh…one day!

Anywho, I dusted off my Cricut today and made two new diddlies that I love.

First, a new car sticker. I needed to make one for my “new” initials!


I’m digging the bokeh at the top of the picture.



And I did this one too to jazz up my phone. I’m in love!

There’s yard/sodding/grass seeding construction going on in the backyard. The dogs had destroyed it and David has been working so hard getting it fixed back up! It’s luscious and green now instead of a dirt bowl, and that means the dogs have to stay off of it!


My friend Chelsy did it to her phone and I immediately copied. She’s the almighty craft master and told me how to do it. Thanks again Chels!


  1. Do you make and sell these decals?! LOVE them!

  2. Do you have a tutorial for making monograms on the cricut up? I was googling tutorials and I found your blog, and i've been trying to find a way to make good monograms on mine! Thanks!



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