Sunday, November 18, 2012

Let’s Talk Paint

One of my favorite subjects!

In a world with Pinterest my decisions have been made both easier and harder at the same time. Easier because there’s inspiration available everywhere and I can see the colors in real rooms. Harder because there’s too many choices available and I don’t want to make the wrong one.

So much pressure to pick the right colors. Luckily paint is an easy fix, but not so much when the whole house is pretty much getting the same color.

I went a little overboard on our last house. Almost every room was a different color. All different except the craft room and laundry room were the same. Not cohesive one bit. Yikes. Let’s take a trip down memory lane.


Kitchen – Taupe

66185_10100409483658313_1759790_n 31282_10100223501413223_215700_n

Living/Dining – Yellowish Green


Foyer – Red

31282_10100223501458133_328039_n 31282_10100223501478093_2824138_n 

Laundry & Craft – Robin’s Egg Blue

31282_10100223501473103_8148666_n 47051_10100310153386973_2102728_n

Guest bath – 1st blue then changed to tan. Hi baby Rem!


Master Bath – Avocado Green


Guest Room – Gray (Still really love this color though)

34851_10100266100544223_3799982_n 156870_10100409450080603_6614294_n

Master Bedroom – Chocolate Brown (This was another color I still love)

Look at those little bitty lamps. Teehee.

My style has evolved though. A lot.

In our new house, I asked our builder how many paint colors I can pick. He kind of gawked and said well how many are you thinking? And it was then that I made the instant decision and said three. For the whole house. At first I was thinking more like five or six (or 8 like the first one) but I had a lightbulb moment that I wanted this house to be more cohesive and not a different color in every room.

So, here’s the swatches I’ve been carrying around with me for the past several months. Three colors I’ve been stuck on. It’s possible they could change but for now this is what I’m feeling.

img12m  Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams - the winner of the paint spot contest in the den!!

Benjamin Moore Hale Navy, BM Revere Pewter & Sherwin Williams Sea Salt.

paint5 [paint2%255B11%255D.jpg]


Revere Pewter is going to be the main interior color. All bedrooms, living areas, bonus room, kitchen, etc. will be this color. (Disclaimer: No area is safe from a repaint in the future!)

BM Hale Navy


Hale Navy will be my office/craft room color as well as the laundry room. Swoon.

Beautiful bathroom. Sherwin Williams sea salt paint.

Sea Salt will be in the bathrooms. Sort of Spa like right?


(Color above board and batten) Love.

Oh and the exterior of the house is going to be a greigy/green (that’s greenish grayish beige-ish) with ivory trim. It looks beautiful on the house down the street that BB (Builder Brad) recently built so we’re hijacking the color.

Have I mentioned I cannot wait to see the house done? I am so excited to see all the ideas and plans come together. Especially since the original kitchen on the plans were scrapped and we “created” the new kitchen by taking out an eat in area. I literally photo shopped the kitchen into the existing plans and now it’s becoming a reality. I can’t wait to see it come to life!

Oh, and speaking of colors, but in this case not paint, we decided on cabinet colors. Woo hoo! I love love love white cabinets. David does not care for them. He likes dark brown for the “coziness” they create. So we’re improvising and going with really dark brown. I’ve since learned the look we’re going for is called Espresso.

They’re not my first choice, but at least I got to pick the shade of brown. So they’ll be chocolaty rich brown.

This is my inspiration picture, via.

Cabinets, countertops, backsplash – oh my!

And I’m hoping we can get these Satin Nickel Bar Pulls.

I’ll leave you with some house pics from the weekend.

image (7)

Momma checking it out. There’s also going to be a dormer window to the right of the peaks.


Dad, Cole, Mom. Do you see what I see? Siding!

photo (5)

So that’s all I’ve got for now. I think once the house starts getting painted and gets closer to finishing, I’ll do less updates so I can do a grand reveal/house tour when it’s all done!

I’m giving myself until April to have it all unpacked and semi decorated. Why April you ask? Because that’s when I’m hosting Bunko! Ohhhh to have a long driveway and plenty of parking. Good times ahead!

Oh, and a question for YOU! Do you have any paint colors that you just love? That you think I might too? I haven’t officially picked and reported to BB yet so I’m still collecting ideas!


  1. OMG I love love love those cabinets!! I feel like everyone has white cabinets and if they aren't white, they are talking about painting them white. I've never shared in the obsession but I absolutely love that dark chocolate color!

    I also really love the sea salt color you've chosen for the bathrooms :)

  2. Thank you Mary!! I think I will really love them when they stay cleaner than the white ones would have :) And I am glad you like the Sea Salt color too! I can't wait to see it on the walls!!



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