Sunday, November 4, 2012

I Jumped on the Engineer (Print) Train

And I’m in love with the result of a $3.50 print!


I took my picture on a jump drive to Staples and got a 24” x 36” Engineer Print done. It was less than $4 and the print really is huge.


Here’s an up close picture of the picture. The quality is really good too for being printed on plain old paper!

Oh, and make it black and white before you go if you can.


Here it is compared to a 43” TV. It really is big and great to fill a big blank wall!

It’s in an awful spot right now but to be honest I wanted it up so it didn’t get damaged and this was the biggest free space for it.


I got two printed when I did this one because I plan to make another with a different print.


There are tutorials floating around that use MDF, Foam Board, etc.

I used a canvas from Michaels. For this size I lucked out and found one 50% off so it was $17.

There are also different methods on adhering it. Take my advice (since I didn’t take Renee’s when she told me not to) and DO NOT use mod podge over the top. It instantly bubbled up the fragile paper and I had to peel up that corner and let it dry crispy then restick. I just knew it was ruined and I’d have to reprint it. Luckily I was able to make it work. 

Here’s what I did:

1) Spray canvas with Krylon Spray Adhesive ($7)

2) Stick print to it starting from one side and smoothing bubbles all the way across.

3) Let dry (or don’t if you’re like me and impatient) and hang!

Cost Breakdown:

$17 24” x 36” Canvas

$7 Spray Adhesive (already had on hand)

$3.50 print

Total = $27.50 for a huge canvas “photo”

Not too shabby!

Oh and when I get brave I’ll probably go back and seal down just the edges with mod podge but I was scared to get it near the photo at that point.

Sorry for the awful pictures too. Midnight shots without a tripod are not recommended.

I cannot wait to see it on our pretty gray walls in the new house!


  1. Love that idea. One day when we have pic done I would love to do this! I'm pinning this so I remember :)

  2. Thank you for the tutorial! Can't wait to put one of these babies above my fireplace. It turned out great and I LOVE the pic. SO cute :)



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