Monday, October 11, 2010

Two Posts in One

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Yesterday was 10/10/10. I’d say we were lucky because we bought a scratch off and won $10! We also bought a Fantasy 5 ticket but haven’t checked those results yet…a cool $10K would be nice too!

I'm going to be busy Tuesday and Wednesday getting ready for and hosting my jewelry party so I wanted to get a big fat post to tide ya over:0)

Back to what I left hanging on the blog, remember THIS POST? Unfortunately I was not making Lindsay’s birthday present (her guess!) but I WAS making this:

I found this old ratty oar in my Dad’s shop and of course he said I could have it.

So my next thought was, what should I do with it? I knew I wanted to paint it so I started by sanding it down with his hand sander and was left with this.

I tossed the idea around of turquoise, yellow, white, etc…but it was going to go on our back porch and I wanted it to look nice, not a crazy wall art or something. So I found (in Dad’s cabinet!) A nice “greige” color and sprayed on a few coats of that. It took me a few days to do because one side had to dry before doing the other.

Then I was left with this cute little greige one-knobbed oar. I knew I wanted to write something on it with our last name and this is what I came up with. I wished I had a Cricut to cut out vinyl letters, but instead I hand-drew it on. Turned out cute I think!

I plan to hang it on the back porch but I may put it on a shelf…not sure yet but I love the end result! And best of all- it was completely free thanks to the use of Dad’s tools and paint. Lol. Thanks Pops:)

Now Changing Subjects: BEACH BUNKO!

After finally getting off work Friday, I hopped in Mom’s jeep, loaded it with my junk and headed to the playa for the third annual “Beach Bunko”!

Almost the entire group got to go down Thursday, but I had to work Friday and so did a few other ladies. Luckily I was able to get off at 2:00 but it was still torture being there all day knowing the beach was waiting on me!

We stayed for the second year in a row at the Pelican’s Roost. It’s an 8 bedroom, 4 bath, 2 kitchen house with a ping pong table and spiral staircase. Plenty of room for the 12 of us…the house is HUGE! What makes it cooler is that we had a huge family reunion (Mom’s side) back in the 90s and stayed in this same house. We have old pictures of us kids hiding under the ping pong table! Fun and brings back memories:)

The weekend was full of Food, Fun, and Football! Oh and lots of $MONEY$! I unfortunately was not the big winner but I did win my 5 bucks back so I broke even. We played several games of LCR and it was so much fun! Oh and did I mention we ate? And ate? And ATE?! The food was plentiful and delicious!

Friday night was Bunko and Saturday was spent at the beach. Saturday night we got on our garnet and gold and brought out more food and watched our Noles play- and STOMP those Canes! It was an awesome game and I’m so glad we won! Since the weather was amazing, we had the windows and doors open pretty much day and night and I’m willing to bet all of our neighbors were up until the game was over because we were SO loud! We also got a few group pics in our garnet best. Love these ladies-they are CRAZY!!

Oh and Saturday afternoon we got to watch a wedding that was going on next door…fun fun!
And I got a pic or two of the AMAZING sliver of harvest moon- it was spooky!

I got a sweet new beach hat too. Love it!

I am really missing my sleeping arrangements though. Mom and I had a king bedroom on the second floor and from where I laid I could see the stars and hear the ocean all night…ahhh it was SOO nice!

Did I mention the weather was absolutely to-die-for? It was! I had forgotten what a cloud looked like since I hadn’t seen one all weekend.

Can’t wait to do it all again next year!

Oh and David insisted that I include his two week P90X shots. Lookin' good babe!

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