Thursday, July 3, 2008

"Oh Beautiful, for Spacious Skies..."

I know it's not Independence Day yet, but I don't know if I'll get to say it later or not, so Happy 4th ladies! I'm jealous everyone is going out of town, but I know ya'll will have fun! Renee, say hi to Mr. & Mrs. Mouse for me, and KT, say hello to Mrs. Erin! I'll be holding down the fort in Tally-ho, so ya'll just have lots of fun now ya hear?! Make sure you eat a hot dog and do a sparkler!

And now I leave you with why I love this country: Happy Birthday America!!


  1. Happy 4th to you!! I WISH YOU WERE COMING WITH US!!!

  2. Happy (belated) 4th to you too girlie!!! Hope you enjoyed it!!



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