Friday, July 18, 2008

I Need New Ideas!

Well it's Friday and once again David puts the pressure on me...what do you want to do tonight? Now let me just tell you that he has asked me this question almost every single Friday night for the past 6 years. What is always my answer? "I don't know, we'll see." And guess what we end up doing almost EVERY Friday night? The mall or Target...boring, yes I know. It's just that we aren't party people, so clubs, parties, etc are out, and then it now costs $10 to go to a movie...that's out (i'm broke). And we NEVER have anything to do? I hate renting a movie and sitting at the house because I am at the house EVERY night of the week pretty much and the weekends are my days to get OUT OF THE HOUSE! I really want some new ideas of stuff we can do that is cheap, fun and DIFFERENT. I am sooo tired of hanging around the mall, especially when you have no money to buy anything! I am ready to go somewhere new, and do new things...I really wish we lived near the water. Like Ocean water...I could totally go for a margarita watching the sunset over the ocean tonight...What does everyone else do???


  1. If it makes you feel any better...we are the SAME WAY!! We get so tired of sitting here on Friday nights watching TV or movies...wish I knew what else there was to do for young couples who dont want to party or go clubbing!?!?? Well, now that Tee and I have purchased a Wii we could have Wii Friday Nights at our, drinks, and play the Wii...just a suggestion!! P.S. We played ALL night it was a BLAST!!! want you to come over to play with us SO bad!!!

  2. In November you could babysit on Friday nights!! ha! It would be good birth control I am sure! Just kidding. We struggle with that too, we should have couple date nights on Fridays or something?!
    GAME NIGHT?! I dunnO! I am as stumped as you are!

  3. Thanks girlies for the suggestions! KT- I am def. UP for babysitting:) I can't wait to watch Rossi and give Mommy and Daddy some "alone time!".

  4. were in the SAME boat girls!soooo. if and WHEN we move back I think itd be soooo much fun to do couples game nights!i know were not as close as a couple to all you of but we love to have fun :)

  5. Couples game night would be a BLAST!! I'd love to all get together.



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