Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Short Week...

...and I'm excited! I don't have any plans for the 4th though and I am kinda bummed. My family should have been at the beach for the week, but Mom had to cancel about a month ago because Cole has a week baseball tournament coming up, and she didn't have the time at work for both. So anywho, Mom, Dad and Cole are leaving for Bonifay this wknd (more Cole baseball), and David is working all day Friday for the city, at Tom Brown. Now we are a family that ALWAYS celebrates the 4th, and as it's looking right now I'm gonna be allll allloonneee:( I am thinking about going with my folks, so maybe it won't be too lonely afterall...I don't know, I am just bummed that we don't have any big plans like we usually do. In other news, we only have aproximately 45 days til our (Me + David) week long trip at Disney! We are staying 5 nights at the Disney Caribbean Resort. We are soooo excited. Any Disney reminders get us sooo amped up! I CAN'T wait!!! Yippeee!!!
Here is our hotel, we have our own private little beach!


  1. awe fun!! I am jealous of your Disney trip! I hope you have a blast! BUT REMEMBER TO BEHAVE ;)

  2. Ok, so I am catching up on the blogs...but yall are gonna so SO much FUN!!!



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