Thursday, July 24, 2008

It's Official, I'm a 4 eyes!

My eye appt. Tuesday went well, and I also found out that I'm not going crazy, that I really did need glasses. Turns out I have Astigmatism, and I am near sighted (where you can't see so great far away). So Tuesday it was pretty much too late do go out and search for some glasses, so Wednesday, my Mom, Dad, and myself went to pick me out some frames. I found some I liked, (YAY!) and they were ready for pickup yesterday! Today is my first full day with them, and I LOVE them. I knew my vision wasn't perfect, but I didn't realize how much *sharper* & *clearer* it could be. I am finding myself smiling when I am driving because I "test" myself to try and read stuff far away, and I can't and then I slide my glasses on and I can see it! Please don't think I'm weird, but it is just that, WEIRD that I can see it! So anywho I am excited. Turns out I am going to be wearing them more than I thought though...I thought it would be pretty much just for class, but Doc said to wear them most of the time, and when I am looking at stuff more than 10 yards away. So tv, CHECK, driving, CHECK, class, get the picture. I really don't need them on while working on the computer and stuff, but it doesn't hurt and I really feel like it makes it a little clearer. So the next time you all see me, I will be embracing my new look, me with glasses. I was a little worried about what David would think of them, but he LOVES them! He said I look even more beautiful with them! SCORE! So I'm glad he likes them and I won't be a total turnoff, lol. (PS- I will put up a picture when I take one!)

Also, I am excited about tonight because it's College Night at Chic-Fil-A ($3 value meals anyone?) and we are going to see The Dark Night. Not really the movie I would have picked, but I've heard it's really good and David is dying to see it...So I'll post a movie review and a glasses picture soon!


  1. I also have astigmatism and am nearsighted!i need new lenses though since i cant see out of my glasses.
    i didnt REALLY wanna see the Batman movie but Ian did so we saw it over the weekend....soooo good!Have fun u 2!

  2. YAY...Cant wait to see the new glasses! Hope the movie is well and ready to see the 4 eyes ya!

    OR- even better.....SEE ME IN PERSON ASAP!



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