Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Death by Burrito (almost)

This is what my obituary would have said today if I hadn’t survived my lunch hour. (Which I did thankfully or you would not be reading this).

I love Moe’s. Dearly. I went there for lunch today because I was needing my Moe’s fix…and I nearly choked to death. Okay not really, but I did get a little worried for a minute.

I am literally the only one in the entire place without a lunch partner so I wouldn’t have had anyone to save me if I really needed it. (Don’t feel bad for me, I LOVE eating out by myself, then I can read at lunchtime:) So as I’m enjoying my Joey Bag of Donuts (aka giant burrito) I took way too big of a bite and realized I couldn’t breath/swallow. Uh-oh. I figured I could wash it down with a drink, but when that didn’t work and my eyes started watering uncontrollably I was getting ready to panic. So then I tried to cough and “voila!” black beans flew out onto my table! HAHA!!! Gross I know, and it wasn’t funny at the time but I nearly DIED laughing telling David the story on my way back to work!! Thankfully no one around me cared enough to notice and I went back to my merry way eating the rest of my burrito a little less aggressively. As my Dad always said, “Slow down nobody’s gonna take it from you!” Lesson learned.

Although if I had choked to death at least I would have gone out doing what I love…EATING!!

1 comment:

  1. This had me laughing uncontrollably!!! So glad you didnt die, but gosh I would of loved to be a fly on the wall!!!

    P.S. lunch date soon to Moes...I love that place too!!!



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