Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Six

Friday Six

1) Halloween is Sunday and we’ll be passing out candy! If I can find it, I plan to wear my cow costume or my whoopi cushion. The cow is SO much more fun but since the move I’m not sure where either of the costumes ended up:/ Probably should have looked for them already! I looked for Remi a Halloween costume but never found anything in my short search that was “what I was looking for”. So as of right now, Remi will go as himself for Halloween…that is unless I can find something tomorrow for him!
2) The cold weather is returning-yippee! It got really gross here earlier in the week, with the mugginess and rain, so I am so excited that it’ll be chilly on Halloween! I’m talking lows in the 40s…NICE. I just hate fall/winter holidays being warm, it takes away the seasonal feel. So c’mon cold!
3) Our Noles lost last night and David nearly wore a hole in the floor from pacing. Poor guy, he takes it SO hard. It’s like he lost it personally. He made the fumble. He. Didn’t. Win. If only he were so passionate about other things…like his “honey-do list!” Hah!
4) My birthday is in 6 days! I have given my family ideas on what I want, but I have no idea what I’m actually getting. I love surprises but I also try my hardest to figure them out. Sometimes I should just sit back, not worry about it, and actually be surprised! David keeps saying he’s getting me something big and that he shouldn’t be spending that much, so I am uber excited about that! I’m still hoping that my request for the lens I mentioned a while back is fulfilled (Hint, hint, wink, wink, Mom & Dad*). But if not, there’s always Santa! Who knows, I may just be getting rocks! Hey, as long as I can spray paint them, that works for me!
5) TGIF! I don’t know who came up with the idea of working 5 days and then being off for 2, but all I can say is they must have not been a working citizen. I know I’ve only been a part of the real “Working World” for a year or so, but I’m over working. Bleh. I’d rather travel the world and take pictures. Anyone willing to fund this adventure is more than welcome;)
6) We are tentatively planning a trip to the Northeast this winter. As in, February-ish. We have some friends that live in Boston and we are also dying to go to New York, so we’re hoping to take a big ‘ol trip and get to do all of it. If it comes through, I will be BEYOND excited! *Fingers Crossed*


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  1. I am so jealous that you guys may be going to Boston/New York! I was just thinking about my trip up there last year after graduation and how much I wish money grew on trees so I could do another trip this year after I graduate FOR REAL and am done with school (finally)!



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