Tuesday, October 19, 2010

There's Something in the Water

And I’m not drinking it!

It must be baby season, because lots of people around me are preggo. I am not nor plan to be anytime in the very near future, but I am SUPER excited for my friends who are!! Two of my close friends Erin and Renee are due within a month of each other. Erin her first, Renee her second and I won’t spill the beans on Renee but her and her hubby found out today that they are having a ________!!! Isn’t that so exciting?! Sorry I know, it’s a tease but once I know she’s made it public I’ll share too:)

Now I love me some babies. One of the perks of having friends with babies is I can play with them to my hearts content and then return them when my arms are tired or they need a poopy diaper changed-hah!

I know life doesn’t always go according to plan, but our plan is to wait another handful of years when we’ve gotten nice and settled into being married as “just us” and becoming a little less selfish. There’s no set date to that plan but we know that right now we are not ready to be parents. Other than to the 4-legged/furry variety. Now that being said, I know we’d make adjustments and do our best if God had a different plan, but for now, and how we “plan” for it to be, we’re just not ready yet:) Sorry Mom, you’re gonna have to wait a little while to become “Weezer”. That is unless Cole beats us to it!

Just thought I'd throw my thoughts out there to anyone who was wondering if "we're next"?!

Happy Tuesday!

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