Sunday, October 3, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

Friday night was my good friend Renee's birthday and we celebrated by going to Olive Garden! Halfway there David found out he was going to be the only guy so he decided to just drop me off and let me have a girl's dinner! Whoops:o) We had a great time and it was so good catching up with my girlies! P.S. There are seven people in the below picture!!
While we were at dinner, I sent David armed with a Yankee Candle coupon for buy one get one free (Thanks Erin!) so he went and picked up these two candles for the casa:)
The beginning of October also meant it was time to paint my garnet and gold lima bean wreath to black for Halloween! A quick coat or two of spray paint and some orange ribbon...Voila! Now we have a hallo-wreath:) Love it!
Today we also got our pumpkin and the carving will take place in a week or so:) I put Big Momma's spider on our mail box (so fun!) and made some ghosts for the front tree.

Saturday night we went to hang out with the Dawkins & Pittmans and watched the Florida-Alabama game on the big screen. The girls (well Mrs. Sissy & Renee) crafted making jewelry and ornaments and the boys of course, watched football!

Renee's Garnet & Gold bracelet-so cute!
And here's my sweet boy keeping himself busy while I made ghosts. It was so nice out this weekend and I had all the windows and door open so Remi could come and go as he pleased. He loved it but he kept sneaking in dirty red clay rocks since he didn't have to be monitored when he came in:) Silly boy but I love him!


  1. Post the pic of us girls on facebook please! :)

  2. Cute!! But the pic of me in the floor sure does show exactly how big this baby already is ;) that's ok though, means we are healthy.



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