Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Random post alert!

I Always...
Arrive 15 minutes early (99% of the time)
Have a book in my purse
Write To-Do lists on my hand
Want to go to Disney!
Dread going to the dentist
Try to make everybody happy
Use my blinker
Wait until last minute to pack for a trip
Wear my seatbelt

I Sometimes...
Wish I was single living it up in New York in a posh apartment
Would rather let dishes stay in the sink for a week, than do them!
Think Tallahassee is home to the world's worst drivers
Want a Sister (Love my S-I-L Kimbo!)
Take people for granted
Putoff shaving my legs for several days come pants season (gross I know)
Burp way louder than a girl should (boy I am sounding attractive by now!)
Don't tell my family how much they mean to me
Spend more time looking for the remote than getting up to change the channel

I Never...
Skip lunch or dinner
Call in Sick when I'm not
Thought I'd be 23 and a home owner (don't "grown ups" buy houses?)
Cared for politics
Have a messy desk
Want to clean (but I do anyway-usually-when I feel like it that is) Hah!
Want McDonalds to stop making Sweet Tea
Like to disappoint anyone

Just thought this was a fun way to share a little today!
*Hope it wasn't TMI!

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