Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dog Gone It

A few trips ago to the dog park I finally snapped some pictures. If there’s one thing I learned of taking picture of fast doggies in dusk lighting, I need MUCH MORE practice. So although these pictures are from my big cam, they look more like they came from a disposable. Whoops:( Disappointing to me because although I am an amateur I’m still bummed my pictures look like doo-doo! Hah! Anyone reading this with tips on what I can do better/different next time, please share!! (Brett??)

I love watching the dogs interact and I feel like I’m being a great doggy owner by socializing my pooch and letting him get PLENTY of exercise. Did I mention that everytime we go, our dog seems to get the dirtiest of them all? There are a couple of plastic pools and Remi usually ends up fully submerged in one, followed by a tromp and roll through the nice dirt patch. Lovely.

He also tends to pay us ZERO attention while we’re there. The second we enter the gate he’s gone and could care less if you were there or not. I think of him saying, “Bye Mom! Don’t come back!” Too bad it’s not a doggy daycare and I could drop him off for a few hours…Hah!

And now for some action shots-

We really have been enjoying our visits though, it’s good for us to because he’s always slap wore out by the time we get home. Score! And this past weekend we went on our usual Sunday morning trip and it was sooo nice out. The weather just makes me want to do anything and everything outside-L.O.V.E it!!

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  1. Hey! I didn't notice I was in your post until Lynn just got home and read it... I saw the posts after this one but never scrolled down this far i guess missing this one entirely :-/ Anyways.. yea action and dusk lighting can be tough... for one turn the aperture as low as your current lens will go (probably using AV mode), then turn your ISO up to a level that will get you enough speed without adding too much noise to the photo.. there are cases that you may have to turn it all the way up, but i dont think so with some sunlight left. Dont be afraid to use the flash too as a fill flash... thats what I do at weddings when you see me using the flash in cases that you wouldn't think I needed to, it's what helps add warmth to the photo so its not so plain. I usually manual mode for that so it may take more explaining than I can type. .. You'll just have to walk on over here with your camera soon and I'll show you :) You can check out the could pieces of photo studio equipment i just got! :D



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