Saturday, December 10, 2011

I Need Help

While hanging up some new clothes I got today, I noticed something. I may need help. As in, anonymous help. You know, like AA?


As I was putting away my erm, two new blue striped shirts, I noticed I kind of have a thing for stripes. In fact, I took the liberty to provide a picture of all of my striped shirts. I spared the striped socks and underwear picture. My camera was charging so these are not so great phone pics.

To be precise, I have 12 striped shirts. 7 of them are blue. Oops.

photo (1)

This little revelation led me to start thinking about what else I tend towards when it comes to clothing and my style. As in, what do I have more than one of that I love each the same?

So, I decided to check out the number of sweaters/cardigans I own. I just love sweaters. Especially when they come in snakeskin, leopard, and green polka dot. I’m sold.

I own 9. Oops.

photo (2)

I wear flats everyday to work. I usually wear flats elsewhere too. I like flats. They’re trendy and comfy.

The top row is Target and the bottom row is GAP. Aren’t the bottoms of the bow ones just lovely? Dirty, bleck. The blacks get worn pretty much every day. The leopard and gray hurt my heels but beauty is pain right? I love love love the GAP city ballet flats. They are super thin though so I don’t want to wear them out much. They only come out in pristine weather.

photo (3)

And if you know me at all by now, you know I have a big problem with buying scarves. It’s the one article of clothing though that will never be too big or too small Smile I own 22 of them. Oops.

photo (4)

It’s a problem, I need help.


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  1. Ugh. Stop being so dang cute!!! Oh, and style me please...I've lost any and all ability to dress cute-sy!



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