Thursday, December 1, 2011

I’ve been and will Continue to be, BUSY


· had 5 shoots in the last month

· have 4 upcoming shoots

· shot my first and most likely last wedding

· put away Fall decorations

· decorated the inside of my house for Christmas

· work 8-5 Monday through Friday at my real job

· edit pictures all.the.time

· celebrated Thanksgiving with my family

· was out shopping at 4:45 on Black Friday with my Mom

· got my tree last night

· decorated my tree tonight

· with some help got lights up tonight outside

· have seen Twilight’s Breaking Dawn in theaters twice

· visited with Kimbo

· visited with Lindsay

· celebrated Katie’s birthday

· go to the dog park what seems like every other day to get my poor neglected pooch some exercise and play time

· went to the FSU – VA game

· attempted some Christmas card self portraits of me and my four legged child. Not sure if those are going to make it out in the mail yet or not

· majorly cleaned out my closet

· donated two boxes of waytoosmall clothes to Goodwill

· return message after message for photo session inquiries – thankful for them, they just keep me busy J

· have been reading the Hunger Games trilogy non-stop every spare second of “me” time I get. Gosh I love to read.

· vacuum pretty much daily. With the weather so nice, I leave the back door open when I’m home and that means sticks and dirt are transported in and out by a certain black doggy

· browse Pinterest like it’s my job and worry about how much time I don’t have to do all the things I want to do

· filled a Cricut order for 50 vinyl decals

· can’t wait til Market Days and the Winter Festival this weekend

· have been buying scarves like it’s nobody’s business. It’s an obsession

· am running myself ragged

See, told ya I’ve been busy Smile

And I’ll probably be doing a photo dump here in the next few days, if not tonight. There is no order to the craziness that makes up my life these days and there will be non to that post either Smile

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