Friday, December 9, 2011

A Picture Post

Since I don’t want to blow up my blog everyday with photos of people you probably don’t know, I haven’t been posting too many of the sessions I’ve been doing on here. So to recap and make them available for anyone who’s not on Facebook, if you want to see what I’ve been up to, here’s the album links and a sneak peak of each Smile Just click on the Family name.

1277_2-7-2 1277_2-10 1277_2-15

The Seymour Family

1277_2-4 1277_2-29 1277_2-37

Rachel + Rob’s Engagement / Tucker / Eppes Family

TLG_4381 TLG_4396_2 TLG_4450

The Dunlap/Quick Family

1277_2-8 1277_2-6 1277_2-10

The Finch Family

TLG_5613 TLG_5586 TLG_5662

The Jordan Family

TLG_5710_2 TLG_5690 TLG_5721

The Meggs Family

And I’m not nearly done with the wedding pictures, but here’s just one from the day Smile


The Henderson Family

I’ll be doing two more shoots this weekend along with a bonfire/firework/get together tonight, baby shower tomorrow, and a cookout with the Dawkins tomorrow night. Another busy one ahead!

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