Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cutting In. Check!

A vanilla coke, CMT (country music television for those who don’t know), about a 1/4 can of paint called Nimbus Cloud, a painted dog, a sweet angled brush, a 4 foot ladder, and two hours later, the guest room cutting in is done. I tell you what, not to brag or anything (okay maybe to brag), I am gettin’ GOOD at this cutting in routine. But then again I should be by now seeing as this is the 11th space I’ve painted! In case you want a recap of my painting adventures, here’s the list: Office, Foyer, Living Room/Dining Room, Guest Bath (x2), laundry room, craft room, guest room, master bedroom, master bath & kitchen. Yes folks, that’s ELEVEN (the guest bathroom I counted twice since it had to have a re-do). With that being said, I’m not a fan of white (ish) walls. Life’s too short to live without color on the walls! :)

Sorry, I was going to put together a photo collage of every room I've painted, but it's late and I'm lazy so I'll save that for another day!

So far from what I can see of the color once it’s dried, I like it! Paint colors in different light is SO tricky. I tell you what, I showed some people the swatch and they said it looked white (which it sorta does in certain light), but on the walls it is drying pretty dark. So remember that, if you’re iffy about a color, go lighter because it usually dries darker! This same thing happened with the repainted guest bath khaki color. I always have last minute panic attacks while approaching the paint counter with my swatch…Is it dark enough? Is it too light? And usually I come to the conclusion that it’s not dark enough after it’s mixed. The little dried circle of paint that was so nicely placed with a fingertip has me disappointed. Should I go back and have them darken it? It’s too light:( And I never have had it darkened after it was mixed…thank goodness because it’s always been dark enough after! More often than not it always looks much darker once it’s dried on the walls and had its two coats. Speaking of, when I first started painting our house, I went back and forth of whether or not to use primer & 1 coat of paint, or no primer & 2 coats of paint. From the beginning I’ve stuck with no primer and the two coat method and it’s worked great. Plus if you use primer + paint you have to cut in twice. I mean if you’re a pro like me that’s okay but still doesn’t mean you like doing it;) Kidding!

Oh and something I learned on the YHL blog is to poke holes in the rim of the paint can so the paint can drain back in and not get stuck in the lip. I did three holes and it was a slow drain, but did work and didn’t leave a pool of paint in the rim. I’ll be doing this everytime now!

I will finish painting this week & then it’s on to decorating! I’m debating to do purple + gray + white OR gray + black + white as the room colors. Heck I may do them all! Still not sure what we’re doing with that but at least the painting will be done and we’ll (meaning I) will have a nice fresh palette to work with. Can’t wait!

Oh and I have no idea how the dog managed to get paint all over his back. I mean seriously, the only paint was in a cup in my hand and he never got close to it. Guess he’s Houdini. And yes, I was too lazy to clean it off him last night so it’s still there. I shall rename him Pepe La Pew.

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