Wednesday, September 22, 2010

First Official Day of Fall :o)

I don’t have a topic per say for this post so pardon the non-flow of it.

Last night David had a softball game at 9:00 at Tom Brown. Those late games are a killer but it’s also nice because I am able to go to the 9 o’clocks. Anything earlier than that I usually don’t go because I feel bad getting off work, being home for an hour and then heading out again and leaving the pooch all alone after he’s been alone allll day. I know, he’s just a dog, but he’s our dog and we love him and it’s really not fair to him otherwise. So being the responsible owner I am I forego some of the social gatherings at the softball games and stay home and spend time with Remi instead. Often though I take him to the games or go to the dog park, but since he’s not allowed in the park I am banned to the outfield and it’s not as fun watching all the girls socialize on the bleachers while I’m sitting out in the boonies with the pooch. So since the games are so late, we can get home, spend time with him and then head to the game without feeling extremely guilty as he got some play time in between the two. There’s such a great group of wives/girlfriends that I’ve gotten to know really well and I enjoy the time I get to spend with them. Often we talk about girl stuff way to loud and elicit strange looks from the boys but oh well, we’re there! And we’re definitely guilty of missing a lot of the game because we’re too busy flapping our gums. (Just know if someone else is clapping, then you do it too and it looks like you’re paying attention- hah!) Just as much as it’s the guys getting to be social and play ball, the girls get to catch up and talk about whatever. I can’t wait to be out there in freezing weather with a cup of hot chocolate watching the ball game and hanging out with friends:)


After reading several, and I do mean several Nora Robert’s books in a row, I am taking a break. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy her books, but 8 of them straight with all the same formula just different variables are making them run together and becoming oh-so-predictable. So I’m sure I’ll pick them back up eventually but for now I’m on hiatus.

So yesterday when I returned the two NR books that I just finished up, I was on the hunt for something different. Unfortunately Nicholas Sparks’ new book Safe Haven isn’t at the library yet, so I needed to find something to hold me over until I can get my hands on it. Which by the way I could have the other day, for a steep $27. I love books, but I just hate how much they are. So I’ll be waiting for this one to hit paperback more than likely. There’s a lot I can do with $27 when I can rent books from the library for free! Anywho, I went unprepared to the library, as in, no list of good reads that I pulled up moments before the trip in the hopes of just pulling a good read off the shelves. I ended up with 3 books. All of them different from the usual romance/mystery novels I tend to be drawn to. So we’ll see how I like ‘em!

Thought the Penny Pincher one would be funny since it sorta relates to my life! Hah!

Last but not least, I am in countdown mode. Countdown to the end of my love of food. This Sunday, it’s weigh in/picture/pre-test day for P90X. My Mom just bought the entire system/program thing-a-ma-bob and has somehow talked me, David & my brother into doing it with her. Oh dear. Anyone who knows me, knows I LIVE TO EAT, not necessarily eat to live. So although I’m not doing the strict diet they recommend because 1)it would cost an arm & a leg 2)ummm excuse me, but I don’t happen to like soy sausage muffins, fat free milk, fat-free dressings, (anything fat-free for that matter) or swordfish for dinner. I AM planning to alter my current diet. Try to cut out sodas, eat smaller portions, less servings, healthier food in general…And then of course do the grueling workouts that are part of the program too. I haven’t even started yet and I’m already having withdrawals. Okay maybe not yet but I’m definitely thinking about how sad I’m going to be, to not eat my weekly Chick-Fil-A #1 with extra pickles and a coke. Sad day!!

Bottom line, I need to make some changes, a lot of changes and the time is now. Hopefully in 90 days I’ll go from flab to fab! Although the next 90 days is also like the most eating-est time of the year. Yes I know eating-est isn’t a word. This is NOT gonna be good for my holiday spirit because EGGNOG = MY LIFE during the holidays and I’m pretty sure one cup of it would set me back for days…but it’s just not winter without it!!

And Fair Warning: I apologize ahead of time if I use this blog as a source to complain about the rotten person who created this program and how in the world I got subjected to participating in it.

Now that’s the spirit!!

…I’m off to consume as many calories as possible between now and D-day. I may not be available for the next several days…HAH!!


  1. SOO jealous of your "girl talk" at the games. I miss the days that tee played and I got to chat with the ladies on the side lines :( I could use some MEGA GIRL TALK these days :( But so happy for you, because I remember how much I really enjoyed those days. Maybe tee will be able to find a team next year and I can take the fam!! I am very excited to hear your P90X story! I have so many friends that have started it and I have always wondered how I would do, since I cannot try it until next May (yes, I'm counting down) I want to see what you think. HAHA!! I wish you the best of luck!!! I know you will do GREAT!

  2. YOU CAN DO IT! P90X is really hard but if you are really committed to it and don't give up after the first week, you are gonna see results and feel so good about yourself! It is definitely a workout program that I don't think anyone can do without a workout partner to motivate them and keep your workout schedule with (unless you're a fitness freak). Don't let the first week discourage you and don't think just because you can't keep up with them the first couple of weeks that its wasting your time because there is still stuff I can't do as well as the videos but I know I'm getting a great workout! Good luck!!



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