Monday, September 13, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

Friday night was Bunko @ Mrs. Anne’s house. You can ask anyone in our Bunko group who their favorite host-house is, and I’d be willing to bet they would say Anne’s! Not only does she have a super cute quaint THREE STORY house on the river, she is an amazing cook. I definitely look forward to her Bunko every year. Well she didn’t disappoint! I went home with $5 less than I came, but still had a great time! The food was a-mazing. I had my FAIR share of egg rolls & some awesome cheese dip. I could probably consist on those two items alone. For the rest of my life. Hah! Everybody kept asking me why I was taking pictures of the food…when I’d say “for my blog!” and then I’d get chuckles and “Ohh-kaays”- like okay whatever a blog is and why would you have one:) So anyways, after getting interesting questions of what my intentions were, here’s some pics of the delicious food. Yummmm:) Oh and I just LOVE Mrs. Anne’s kitchen. White cabinets + granite countertops = gawgeous-ness!
Loved her Ikea napkins & cute pink food scale!

Three generations:)
Cheesecake Factory Cheesecake, that I got to take home leftovers from:)

Everyone playing LCR-and luck would have it that Anne won!

The hostess with her winnings!

We always have such a great time, and next month is our annual “Beach Bunko” @ St. George. This will be our third year of Beach Bunko and it’s always so much fun. We’ll be staying in the same house this year as we did last, which is funny because it’s also one that my family had a huge reunion in about 15 years ago! It is an 8 bedroom, 4 bath, 2 story house right on the beach-I can’t wait!

I took this cool picture while David was washing my car-turned out pretty cool!

Oh and while waiting to meet a buyer for our box springs that we were selling on craigslist, this awesome contraption was hanging out in the Wal Mart parking lot- oh dear!

Saturday was spent hanging around the house until it was time for the ballgame. Unfortunately our Noles didn’t do so great. Okay not great at all. But luckily we were in good company! We went to hang with the Dawkins & Pittmans and spent the day watching football, eating (lots of yummy food!), playing with Brody & taking pics/playing with software. Well at least that’s what Renee & I did-the boys stayed glued to the tube! We had a great time and it was so good to just vedge out all day with some of our favorite people! Thanks for having us ya’ll:)
The car all decked out.

Keeping myself busy on the ride out-

Brody "nom nom" :)

Tee making good use of the high chair.

Not too happy-game was almost over at this point.

Sunday was yard work day. Or so it turned out to be but didn’t start that way. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE our house and one of my favorite parts is it’s curb appeal. Our neighborhood is full of cookie cutter houses, but we are fortunate enough to have one that is a little different in that we have a pergola. Under that pergola is an array of bushes that needed to be trimmed up/cleaned out.Here's what it looked like when it was in full bloom.

David decided to tackle it. Did I mention there were 5 big knockout rose bushes in there? With 5 x 100+ thorns each?? These roses are so pretty and grow with wild abandon and I really love them. But they were starting to become a little crazy and so David trimmed them back along with everything else in there.
It was looking pretty scraggly before!
He called me out to see the progress and I gasped! All the beautiful probably 4 or more foot high bushes were reduced to 1’ high spikey thorn bushes! Um-what have you done! Apparently he got a little carried away and angry from all the poking they were doing to him so he showed them who’s boss-oh dear! Oh well- luckily they grow fast and now it’s really cleaned up in there.

We then shoveled up all the old bark mulch that was in there so we’d have a nice fresh foundation for our new mulch. We bagged up 6 bags of thorny bushes/bark/etc and loaded them up along with several monkey grass plants that he pulled up to bring to my parent’s house. Oh and we plucked up two of the 5 rose bushes because they weren’t placed in a good spot amongst the others and it looks much cleaner without them there. So my mom scored two rose bushes too!

Now all we have to do is put some new bark down and it’ll look all better! Right now it is looking very bare & it needs some help asap. But that’s a project for a day in the very near future. One step at a time!

After cooling off a bit (gosh was it hott!!) David left to go run some errands and I took Remi to the dog park. I hadn’t taken him since he was a wee pup so I was excited to see how he would react since he LOVES other dogs. When we got there, there was a huge doggy & a tiny doggy. That’s it. So that made 3 doggies total. Not a lot but definitely better than none! Remi was more interested in peeing on every bush and checking out the fence lines. He was being very anti-social. After about 15 minutes though, he realized his duties were done and it was playtime. He had a ball with the other dogs and they were all so dirty from the water & dusty dirt they might as well have been pigs burrowing in the mud! It was so fun watching him play though! After being there about a half hour more dogs were showing up. At one point there were 11 dogs in the big dog area. Lots of fun and commotion. Every time a new dog would come, all the dogs would run to greet him in a giant cluster of slobbering furballs. We were there about two ours and poor Rem was so pooped. I didn’t take any pictures because it was just me and I had my eye on him at all times like a protective momma, but next time I’ll def. bring my camera. We plan to make it a weekly or at least bi-weekly event. Can’t wait for the weather to get cooler as well. At one point he literally sprawled out in his “froggy pose” with one arm on each side of the water bowl and just stuck his chin in there and lapped it up. It was too funny! He was out like a light by 7 o’clock last night & we didn’t hear another peep outta him. I think it’s safe to say he had lots of fun & was so exhausted! You know what they say, “If you can’t hang with the big dogs, stay on the porch”. Well Remi hung with the best of them, but he was definitely paying for it later!

What a great weekend! Now-is it really only Monday? Boo!


  1. Didn't you say that you and the hubs were looking for a camper? Well, that one in the Walmart parking lot looks like it could be your next fixer-upper project ;) Haha! Hope your Monday was wonderful!!

  2. haha love the pics from Saturday :) Also, how did you get so many pics on one post? I try to do that and it says I can only upload five.



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