Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cheers to Us!

Today is our 1 year anniversary. Time flies when you're having fun! This year has been full of ups and downs, laughs and tears. It's been quite the learning experience but what else could I have expected. Two people who have lived with their parents all their lives got hitched, got a dog, and started sharing everything from checking accounts to toilet seats. So in summary, a lot of learning has happened over these past 365 days. For those of you who don't know, David and I started dating September 13, 2002. We stuck together all that time and then sealed the deal September 19, 2009. So although today marks our official 1 year anniversary, it's been way longer than that for us. So hear is to many more laughs, tears & good times to come. I love you David! Now onto the traditional mumbo jumbo. The top tier of our wedding cake has been taking up space in my parents freezer for a year now. Well tonight was the night to break it out and take a bite! Let me just say, it was gross!

Ick!! What a lovely face...
David isn't very good at posing for a kiss without looking like he's posing.
It was much better this time last year!

My parents fed us a wonderful dinner of Lobster, Steak, Shrimp & Baked potatos. Yum-O! We had salad too but never opened it because there was too much other good stuff:) Everything was dee-licious! Thanks again M & D!

My Dad also made me this awesome butcher's block cutting board. He made one for my mom a while ago and I've always liked it. I'd been bugging him for a while now about making me one and he did! It's a hefty chunker and I can't wait to use it!
Let's see what else...we had a very low key weekend and juts celebrated by being together. We went to Lowe's Friday, Saturday & Sunday, it's becoming my new favorite store! (Now I know how you feel mom!) David laid the new bark/mulch out front. It looks so good!

I also got this cutie-patootie little moose that was one of the first pieces of Christmas decorations that are on the shelves @ Lowe's. Love it!
Oh and I also got the gourd to match my pumpkin for my fall decor.

And after much deciphering over the perfect color gray, I decided on Martha Stewart's Nimbus Cloud (top swatch) and went and bought 2 gallons of it. I can't wait to get that baby (the guest room) painted!
I got this "&" symbol a while back at Hobby Lobby and it was a weird gold color. So I spray painted it white and I'm loving it on my shelves!
And my sweet Big Momma sent me this really cool pumpkin candle that was broken when I opened the package:( It would have been so cute! I was super disappointed and I know she is too:(

I also had fun taking some pictures of Remi. He is such a trooper since I always have a camera in his face. This is at my parents house so I took a few shots of their pond out back too.


  1. 1. Love the new "autumn" theme you got going on!

    2. Tell Mr. Kenny and Ms. Karin anytime they wanna cook for me I will gladly come over and eat :)

    3. Tell Mr. Kenny I too would love a cutting board/chopping block like that and my birthday is a mere 26 days away (so get working)! Haha!

    4. Sorry the cake wasn't good... :/ are you guys still saving it or is that just a first anniversary tradition thing?

    5. Love the gourd!

    6. Love the color gris! Lemme know if you want a painting pal ;)

  2. Your post are too long for me :( I can't remember what all you talked about to comment to it all. haha Love the pics from your parents, they are awesome! The guest room is going to look awesome. I know I cannot help paint right now, but please call me to help decorate...I would love to help with the rest! and on the Lowes is the BEST store for homeowners! :) I LOVE IT!



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