Thursday, September 9, 2010

Big Momma

Today when I checked the mail, this contraption of a package was stuffed in our box.
What is it you might ask? Well I wasn't sure either! As soon as I saw the writing, I knew it was something from Big Momma. She is not only my grandmother (Dad's momma), but she is also the sweetest, nicest, kindest, thoughtful, most unselfish, loving, human being on the face of this earth. I love her with my whole heart!! She has always been known to send us stuff via snail mail (my favorite!). She won't hesitate to send you a thoughtful card, a recipe, a magazine, ANYTHING. And it's always "just because". Just because she loves us, just because she thought of us, just because that's the way she is. So today when I saw the package, my mind starting churning. What is it? Sometimes she lets me know something is coming, but sometimes it's just a surprise. So after I rip off all the packing tape, it was time to see what was inside. Oh and check out the bag/make shift package- a reusable FSU shopping bag- score!

When I first peeked inside, I jumped back! Can you see what's hiding down in there? All I could see was something black, big, & furry. I was honestly scared it might bite me! I didn't think she would actually send a live animal, but if you know big momma you wouldn't put it past her! Okay, it honestly took me a good minute or two to work up the nerve to get it out, and then finally I just dumped it! 1...2...3! And guess what popped out? A Spider!! I know Big Momma & Grampy read my blog, so I am guessing they saw my post on my new Halloween Decorations and she wanted to send me the spider. Well, I LOVE it! It will go so perfect with my cat & pumpkin. Remi wasn't too sure about it, but I couldn't help taunting him with it-Hah! I just had to share the thoughtfulness of my big momma & how much I really do love and appreciate all the little (& big!)things she does for me. And of course my smart & handsome Grampy who I equally love just for different qualities:) Hi Guys! XOXO
Oh and a few other qualities about her, she is the most AMAZING cook, you can NEVER go hungry around her. Every year the entire family looks forward to Christmas time when she makes her famous "Ronies". (It's like the macaroni from Heaven!). And of course she travels with her own food and pots and pans. It's quite the sight the assembly line we form when unpacking their van at Christmas time...I just love it!! I can't forget to mention either that when she's here there is always a mandatory Publix run for ice cream. And everyone gets their own! One night we rang up a bill of about $50 on ice cream! haha!! This was the loot from that night.
And here is the lady of the hour! Okay I meant to only get one, but I found so many that made me laugh out loud I had to include them! This is us dining in Washington, DC. The bib-oh goodness!

And this is her getting a drink in a sprinkler haha!! Wait, let's get a close up-gosh I love her! As you can see she not only is all of the above, but she is also a HOOT! And sooo much fun, there's never a dull moment:) And of course we have to have Grampy too:)

I don't want to forget about my other wonderful grandparents either. My Grandma is amazing too and is so special to me. This post just happened to stem from Big Momma's package in the mail so it turned to an all inclusive on her:) And my Grandaddy whom I miss so much is playing golf with the Big Guy in Heaven. I love & miss you Grandaddy!

Oh one more totally random thing, tonight I switched my oil burner from "Coconut Verbena" to "Creamy Nutmeg" for fall. Ahhh I just love the feel of fall, the holidays to come, and most of all the SMELL of fall. Now my house is smelling like the season-love it! Oh and by the way, my oil burner is from Bath & Body and I just LOVE it. They work so well and I have never had to buy more oil. A little bit goes a long way!

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  1. LOVE the Big Momma post!! Thanks again sooo much for coming and getting my addicted to the new program!! :)



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