Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Have Wheels Will Travel

Or more accurately, "want wheels will travel"! After our recent camping trip sans Remi, we have decided that the time has come that we need our own camper. At the beginning of our camping years, my parents stayed in a tent. And after rainy nights & days and flooded tents, they decided to purchase a camper. They started small and now have a nice size fifth wheel and it's been the greatest thing ever.
Now my family isn't your typical camper family. Cooking, showering, and all other "camping stuff" happens outside of the camper. My Dad still cooks breakfast every day on the fish fryer and dinner every night on his homemade grate over the campfire. You see our camper is used only for a dry place to sleep with some A/C. So it's basically a tent since we don't use the most common amenities available to us. We have stayed in my parent's camper ever since they got one and space is definitely getting tight. David and I each have our own bunk beds, Cole sleeps on the table that folds into a bed, and my parents have the queen bed. Problem is, that's a lot of people in a little space, PLUS all of our stuff...calls for crowded quarters. In the past few years, the State Park campgrounds have started allowing pets. Well my parents are 1)not interested in having pets period(.) in their camper & 2)there isn't room even if we could bring Remi. So after our recent labor day trip to St. Andrews campground, we started looking around the campers that were there and picked out the type/style that we want. And since then we've been doing lots of craigslist scouring and even visited a camper store in PC. Yeah, it's getting serious-hah! The next camping trip is in May for the annual Cape San Blas trip, so that's our deadline. We're looking for an approx. 25' travel trailer with a slide out. Relatively new, or at least in good condition. Our price is the cheaper the better!

If we had our own camper and site, we'd be able to bring Remi & he could have the place to himself when we were at the beach during the day and hang out by the campfire at night. He'd have so much fun and we wouldn't miss him the whole time we're gone!

Happy Hunting, hope we find what we're looking for=D

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