Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

Okay weekend wrap-up in a sec but all I can think about right this second is my throbbing jaw & brain...I already have jaw issues as in joint probs, and I feel like I just got an uppercut from an 85 lb. dog. I bent down to pick Remi up to look through the window and at the same time he jumped, his head hit my chin/jaw and the pain was so bad it made me cry. It is turning into a rapid headache and I feel it traveling down the back of my neck. Now I know why I never wanted to be in a fight. I seriously feel like my jaw is broken!

Anywho, that has nothing to do with my weekend, but it's on my mind at the moment so thought I'd get some sympathy out of you while I had your attention. Do I have it? Okay good.

Sooo where to start. Friday night we went to the Downtown Getdown. My parents went as well but being the social butterflies they are we didn't see them much. In case ya don't know what that is, it's basically a big pep rally for FSU home football games. It happens the Friday before the game and there's lots of greasy food, music, and you almost always see people you know. We caught up with our friends Lindsay & Joseph and got to catch up for a while. So good seeing ya'll! We also saw Brooke Hogan! (Hulk Hogan's daughter) I know many people don't like her but I happen to be one who watches her show...yes I'm guilty!

Saturday I went and got my nails done in FSU spirit to get ready for the game.

A friend of mine Nicole invited me to go to the game with her and I was so excited to go! Although I love the ball games, I am not super adamant about finding a ticket because it's always hot and crowded and I can sit at home in the A/C and watch while ingesting lots of unhealthy food. BUT, I do love going when I have the chance! David and Cole found tickets elsewhere so they went too. Unfortunately there was a lightning delay shortly after half time so we decided to head out. I had fun though while it lasted. Thanks again Nicole for bringing me!

After the game I went home and got Remi and we went to visit the in-laws. David's PawPaw was in town so we got to spend some much enjoyed time with him. When the game ended David came over to visit and we hung out until I fell asleep on the couch:)

Let's see Sunday was spent doing laundry and getting ready for P90X. We all took our before pictures, weighed in, and did the pre-test. My results were poor, hence the reason for starting the program! The first workout is now complete and I'm feeling excited. It was tough and I in no way whatsoever a P90X pro, but I did what I could and I know it'll get better over time!

Oh, one more thing, the guest room color reveal! There is still nothing in the room because we haven't decided what we're doing about furniture, but for now, here's the painted room. I LOVE it! Can't wait to decorate...

And...I went to give blood today (like I do every 8 weeks) and I got pricked twice all for nothing. My iron count was too low:( Now only am I sad because I couldn't donate, I also missed out on this months gift of a $10 lowes you know how many things I could spray paint with $10?! Boo!

And...if you have a warped sense of humor like myself, you will find the following picture HI-larious! The bumper stickers says "Honk if parts fall off".
HAHA!!! I couldn't help taking a picture...this car was on it's last leg and spray painted a lovely design of black and gray. It was extremely loud and seemed to struggle to get down the road. So when I saw the bumper sticker I was laughing hysterically! Made my day better since I was sad from the blood center!

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