Wednesday, September 29, 2010

88 days...88 days...

Keep telling myself that. 88 days until two important events. The end of P90X, and Christmas!! I am super excited about both, but at this present time, I am definitely looking forward to finishing the P90X program and hopefully I will have stuck with it. This will work out perfectly because I’ll (hopefully) be ripped just in time to gorge out on Big Momma’s cooking when she comes the week after! Hah! You see, that’s all this is really in preparation for…Christmas food:) No, no technically it’s not but hey that’s another good reason!

So today marks the third day of dedicating an hour of my time each day to a man that tells me from the tv “I know you’re tired and those legs are burnin’, but it’s time for more leap frog squats!” I’m sore all over my body but that means it’s working so I’m pretty stoked! I bent down to pick something (light) up today and I found that I didn’t even bend my knees, I was feeling flexible! Totally pointless information I know but I got excited because usually I crouch down like a creeky old lady and wouldn’t even bother to try the long stretch in the fear of falling flat on my face and pulling a hammy. Fun!

The weather here has been GAWGEOUS. Two days in a row now it’s been in the low 60s in the morning and highs in the 70s/low 80s and I am LOVING it!! I actually had to wear a sweater to D’s football game last night…ahhh I can almost smell the bonfires and feel the hoodies!

I’m also very excited because October is right around the corner. Not only is it Halloween, but it’s the bdays of three of my besties. (Renee, Lindsay, Erin!) Renee is first on the list and we’re celebrating by going to Olive Garden this wknd. Yum-O! October is also when I’m hosting my Premier Design Jewelry party, AND not this weekend but the next is Beach Bunko! We’re staying at the same place we did last year in St. George and it’s bound to be a good time. 12 ladies+one extra large house on St. George Island = LOADS OF FUN! Can’t wait:)

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