Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

Sorry I can’t come up with a more original title week after week, but “wrap-up” just seems like an all encompassing title and is a lot shorter than the alternate “Happy Halloween; Remi got Stung; Dog O’Ween; Gotta New Sparks Book; Got New Boots; My Birthday is tomorrow; and a little bit of Self Defense”. Hence the reason I’ll stick with my usual “Wrap-Up” instead!

So, where to start. How about Friday? Almost every weekend we do what we call “going out and about”. This usually consists of a meal at Chick-Fil-A, and stops at the mall, Target, and any other specialty stores we feel like hitting up. Kirklands and Sports Authority are usuals and lately we’ve been hitting up the home goods section in Kohls. More often than not we come home with a few things that just make us happy. Like a dog bone for Remi which keeps him occupied and gives us a break. Or pillows for the couch that we’ve been on the hunt for but got home and realized the color I chose wasn’t so great so those are “to-be-exchanged”. We went to shoe station and got new work shoes for David & suede boots for me!

I plan to wear these out this winter, can’t wait for it to get just a wee bit colder!

Saturday was a gorgeous day and we took Remi to the Dog O’Ween event at Tom Brown. Remi is a great dog but one thing he needs work with is leash walking. He is a PULLER. An 85 lb. puller. And it embarrasses the heck outta me. I know it’s our fault as his owners, but honestly I’m not sure how else to stop it. I’ve bought an anti-pull harness (he seems to pull harder), I’ve tried the not moving if he’s pulling deal (he pulls me over when I try to stand still) and I am definitely open for other suggestions on how to get him to walk like a good dog. Not one that’s choking himself to death and wheezing to get to the next (hundredth bush) to hike his leg on. Sheesh. Anywho, back to Dog O’Ween, he had a Halloween t-shirt that didn’t last long. With his harness it didn’t fit right so here’s the best picture I got of him. Lame I know.

I wanted him to have an awesome costume but I just got lazy and ran out of time so this is what he got stuck with. Oh well. I tried.

There were quite a few doggies but not a lot of them in costumes. We didn’t go into the “main event” because the pooch wasn’t cooperating.

So instead we just took him to the dog park which was hoppin’. One little dog had bat wings on and when it ran they would soar out-so cute!

Sunday night it was candy passing out time! Remi enjoyed it. Everytime the bell ring he would run to the candy bowl, wait for me, and then run to the door ready to great. He was so cute! Saw lots of cute costumes and gave out lots of yummy chocolate candy:)

Oh and Remi got stung by a bee for the first time:( Poor guy. I had the door open because it was so nice this weekend and a bee came in. As David was trying to rescue it and take it outside (really) it flew down to the floor and I guess Remi stepped on it at the same time. He was a trooper but you could tell it hurt him bad. It got him in between the pads on his foot because we tried unsuccessfully to hold him down and attempt to pull out a stinger. We never found it and he was favoring his foot for a good while after that. Thankfully he wasn’t allergic or anything but David did make a trip to the Suwannee Swifty (I will always call them that no matter their name!), then Target, then Publix all in search of Benadryl. He’s okay now, and the bee got the death sentence. Sorry bee, you were gonna be saved until you stung our pooch. Your loss.

I also was able to finally pick up Nicholas Sparks’ new book “Safe Haven”. I am almost done with a not-so-great-off-the-shelf library book but since I’ve read it this long I have to see what happens and stick it out. My new book is just itching to be read!

Let’s see, what else… tomorrow is my BIRTHDAY! I’ll be a whopping 24 years old. That sounds a lot more grown up than 23, dontcha think? We are going to eat some Mexican on Friday and celebrate with family and friends. I CAN’T wait! I am very curious/anxious/excited to find out what I am getting. Honestly birthdays aren’t usually an earth stopping gift buying event for us but David’s got something up his sleeve this year and I am dying to know what it is! He and my Mom have been scheming and it’s driving me crazy!! I have a suspicion and I HOPE that’s what it is! Bad news is he is holding out until my dinner, two days AFTER my birthday- boo!

Last night my Mom and I attended the first of four self defense classes that the FSU Police Department was offering for free. Yesterday we just learned the boring “textbook stuff” but from here on out it is going to be physical fighting and hands on training, sweet! I am really excited about it and I’m so glad we are going to do it. I learned a lot just last night so I can’t wait to absorb some more useful information. The two guys teaching it have quite a sense of humor so that makes it more fun. I’ll write a post in itself on it once we’re done, but for now just know that we are gonna be kicking some butt!

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