Wednesday, November 17, 2010

No Turning Back Now!

Can you guess what this is?

What’s that? You said it’s the Crowne Plaza Hotel at Times Square in New York? Wow you’re good!

I mentioned recently that we were trying to plan a trip up north, and it’s coming together! A friend of David’s that is going with us is heading the whole trip and booked the hotel earlier in the week. (THANK YOU DAVID!) Whoo-hoo! Did I mention it’s non-refundable? Guess that means there’s no turning back! And yes, we will be staying at the Crowne Plaza. Suh-weet!

Our plan is to stay fly to NYC and stay for 3 days and then hop on a train to Boston where we’ll be staying with some friends. The plan is to visit a ski resort in Boston and play in the snow! David and I have never seen snow so we are very excited!! I don’t know if I’ll ski, but I do plan to “attempt” to try my luck at snowboarding and I will for sure be planting my butt in a giant innertube and fly down a snow covered mountain! Hope to return with no broken bones but I’m not guaranteeing anything…

I did a little research on the weather in February up there and the average high in NYC then is a bone-chilling 32 degrees. Oh goody!

I am just so darn excited but already stressing about doing everything I want to do/see. I am pretty sure it’s impossible to do it all in just a few short days, so maybe that just means planning a week long trip there in the future!? We will see =D

I think I found out also that the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week will be going on the same time we’re there! Um, I will definitely be in celebrity hunting mode!

I’ve been to New York once before but it was only for a day and I was about 13 so I’m really looking forward to this trip. Oh and when we (Mom, GMa, Me) were there we went to FAO Schwartz and guess who we saw shopping?! NSYNC!! Oh. Em. Gee fabulous for a 13 yr old who had posters of the teen heart throbs on her walls! My GMa is so silly when I told her who they were, she goes, “Ahh, INSTINCT!” Haha! Oh GMa, love you!

So this time around I wouldn’t mind seeing somebody special! Can I put my order in for Rob Pattinson?? =D

Alright, I’m off to practice my Yankee accent (you know, said in an annoying “jersey shore” voice …

“Where’d ya pahk the cah?”

“Yo! I’m walkin’ heah!”


“Eh, can I getta hawt dawg?”

Oh yeah, I’ll fit riiight in!

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  1. You will absolutely LOVE this trip! It is so much fun. Dont stress about not seeing/doing everything...that is inevitable...but that is ok! Enjoy doing what you can and believe me, you guys will totally be planning another trip to go back and see more things! I have been 3 times and still want to go back and see more things!!!

    So excited for yall!!!



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