Thursday, November 4, 2010

Block, Perry, Swipe Kick, Hammer!!!

These are a few of the defense moves we learned at our Self Defense class last night. Boy oh boy can we say fun?!!

I really enjoyed it and am definitely looking forward to the last two classes although I wish there were many more! The two instructors for the class are quite the pair. They are on-the-job partners so they crack a lot of jokes at each other. They keep things funny and like to pick on each other which makes everyone laugh constantly!

The gist of the class is first learning the move and then lining up in two lines to put them into action. Apparently I’m Hulk-like strong because the 6’something 300 lb. instructor kept having to take breaks after me and told me that I might’ve broken his wrist and kicked his ribs too hard. He would usually make me go to the end of the line so he wouldn’t have to take anymore hits after I was done- haha! When I tried to apologize he would say “No, NO! That’s what you’re supposed to do!”. Made me feel good that I wasn’t in there hitting like a girl, unlike some of the other attendees in the class:) I mean, it’s serious business right? If I encounter a bad guy I plan to employ the same techniques but he won’t have pads to block his family jewels. Yikes!

This is most definitely what I looked like- haha!

So does this mean I’m too manly?! Hope not! David has sometimes said in a negative connotation that I’m “not like other girls” when I burp way too loud or down a whole pizza by myself. (guilty) But then he also turns it positive when I’m launching a football or driving a golf ball longer than the “average girl”. Those comments of you’re “not like other girls” always make me feel good if they’re because he’s proud, not embarrassed! I’m not afraid to get dirty and I couldn’t tell you how to apply foundation but I’m me and he likes me for me! (at least I hope…haha…well at least some things about me…could probably leave out the fact that I eat him out of house and home…) Oh and thanks to my Pops and abundance of male cousins for teaching me to be “not like other girls”. And to all you “average girls” out there, be proud! Girls like you and girls like me are what make the world go ‘round. Too much of one kind and you’ve got a bunch of disappointed menfolk!


Today at work my Boss treated us to pizza and cupcakes for my birthday. She found out a few months ago that she has incurable cancer and was given 1-5 years to live. She spends most days working half days and then going to doctor’s appointments one after the other. Please keep her in your prayers, she just had her 55th birthday in October and hopes to have many many more. We just never know when the precious gift of life will be taken from us…

Tonight is my Mom’s jewelry party. I’m looking forward to it and then tomorrow is “My Real Faux Birthday Celebration”. Whoo hoo! So looking forward to hanging out with friends, eating yummy food, and soaking up the warmth of a bon fire on a chilly fall evening!

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