Monday, November 22, 2010

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I would just like to say…

That when I sat down today to get my daily dose of YoungHouseLove, I was slightly giddy.

If you have been reading my blog, you know that I get tons of inspiration from YHL and copy many of their DIY projects. They are selling their house and are thus starting to think of paint colors for their new (old) home. And wouldntchaknow, they are considering several colors that we have in our house! Okay now I wouldn’t dare think they have seen pictures of our house and are drawing inspiration from there, but it does make me feel like I have a smidge of taste if the DIY/interior decorators that I look up to are considering similar décor.

This is the palette they put together.
We've got a gray room, a desert-ish yellow living room, a chocolate brown master bedroom, and a khaki bathroom.


In other news, we had a fun-filled weekend while my SIL Kimbo, her hubby Josh, and their pooch Bailey were in town. Friday was Kim’s birthday dinner @ Chili’s. We had tickets to the 8:10 showing of the new Harry Potter movie so we had to hurry to try and get seats. Cole & Valerie (brother & his gf) were there before us but couldn’t save seats because there was a line to even get into the theater and seat-saving was not an option. SO, even getting there with plenty of time to spare, we were in row #2. NOT FUN. I will never do that again. Not to mention HP is a pretty long movie, so it’s not the best one to choose to sit where you have to crane your neck. The movie was great, but I could not get comfortable…lean forward, lean back, lean sideways, use David’s knee as a leg rest, try and face straight forward but crane eyeballs upward and use peripheral vision while trying not to have a double chin…sheesh. Not enjoyable. But we had a good time and thanks again to Valerie for giving David and I two of her free tickets that were a gift from her school…you rock!

Saturday Kim, Lindsay, Ashley (Linds’ sis) and I went to Bradley’s Country Store. It’s basically a small craft convention held once a year where people come out and sell homemade things. There’s a lot of corny stuff but there’s also some goodies too. It got pretty warm on Saturday which I was not loving since it’s November and all, but it was still a great day. Saturday evening me & Remi hung out with Kim, Josh & Bailey & watched the game. Thanks for the pizza Big Dawg! Well technically Kim and I hung out with the pooches and looked up Cricut stuff online…which I am super duper excited about because I will be ordering one TONIGHT!! Yay, the Hubster said I could go ahead and get it (thanks to my friend Chelsy’s finding, it was on sale online!) so I can’t wait to get home and order it. Of course I have to wait til Christmas though to use it…boo!

Oh and while we were watching Cricut Dan on YouTube…I noticed Remi was being rather quiet. He’s like a small child, if he’s quiet, he’s up to no good. I look over to see him “nom nomming” on Kim’s BRAND NEW iPhone!! AHH!! Oh my gosh there went my cricut (the money for it anyway)…well at least it would have if not for her removable screen protector and hard case…the protector was toast but the phone was undamaged. Hallelujah!! ‘Bout had a heart attack. I am thinking I need to invest in some of those protectors ASAP, seeing this is the THIRD phone Remington has somehow thought had his name on it for a snack. 1st was my Samsung Blackjack = toast. 2nd was Mom’s phone= still workable but no longer pretty. 3rd was a near miss of the most expensive yet…sorry again Kimbo, it’s cause your Whemi just loves you so much he wanted to give you something to remember him by!

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