Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Busy Weekend - Lots to Wrap Up!

It seems my weekend wrap ups are coming later and later in the week, but it’s that or nothing so late it is!

This past weekend was a whirlwind of events. And it was FUN!

Friday night was my birthday dinner at El Jalisco’s. I was lucky enough to celebrate with several family and friends and seriously rack up in the gift department- I have some very generous friends and family! Not to boast and I know it’s probably not the best etiquette to list all my goodies, but it’s my blog, you don’t have to read it if you don’t want to, and a few people have asked me, “What’d ya get?!” So here’s my delectable collection of acquisitions for my birthday this year:
Joann’s Fabric Gift Cards (Craft Store)
Chick-Fil-A Gift Card
Lowe’s Gift Card
Belt Sander from my Pops (he got a new one so gifted me his old)
Hand Sander w/ 10 Attachments
Tervis Tumbler “Eat, Drink & Be Merry”
Money (which was all spent at Mule Day & Second Hand Sandies- more on
that in an upcoming post)
Vera Bradley lunch box
Father of the Bride (I&II) (Previously mentioned;)
Spray Paint (I totally used this already!!)


And as if that wasn’t already enough, can I have a drumroll please? “Brrrrrr, Brrrr” (you know, rolling the r’s?)

The iPhone4!!!

I have been wanting an iPhone since they first came out several years ago. The plan was that I could get one come February when I switched from my parent’s plan (thanks M & D!) to a joint plan for David and I. I have had phone envy of David for a long time because he’s had the iPhone since it first came out. Lucky.

Anywho, if you can remember in one of my previous posts I thought I knew what he was getting me. And this wasn’t it. BUT, that doesn’t mean I’m not ecstatic about it, because I AM!!! I am absolutely loving my phone and it is sooo nice to have internet access which I didn’t have before. In case you were wondering, I thought I might have been getting a Cricut. You can click here to learn about what it is. I’m completely obsessed with it so it’s still on my wish list (hint hint Santa/Black Friday!!) but now I am super stoked about my new phone!

After a great dinner, it was time to head to my parent’s house for the ritual of a bon fire after my birthday dinner. We missed those who weren’t able to join us at the fire, but still had a good time. They sang me happy birthday, I had my cake and ate it too. The weather was in the 40s/30s and was PERFECT for the fire.

Joseph went and got Bailey so she could play with Remi and they had a blast. Remi was constantly pulling large branches from the fire and then realized real quick what would happened if he chomped down on the hot end! Poor pooch, but you live and you learn! They spent the evening playing stick tug-o-war and chasing each other. Remi loves this Bailey but he is also looking forward to seeing his cousin Bailey in about a week!!

I had a wonderful, WONDERFUL birthday and thank you to everyone again, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you guys ROCK & I’m so lucky to have you in my life!

Saturday Mom, Dad & me went to Mule Day. David wanted to go but feared missing the 3:30 ball game so he didn’t. It’s located in Calvary, GA and is basically a big southern gathering of homemade stuff (crafts, wood working, just STUFF) and deliciously healthy fried fair-like food. YUM! Mom and I both got quite a few treasures. One of the things I got is a coke crake that I plan to sand (with my new hand sander!) and paint, and distress, and use it as a coffee table catch all box. You know for remotes, décor, etc… like this!

I also got this sign:

And a few other misc. items:)

Then on the way home we were driving through Havana and I saw this store I had been wanting to go to for a while now so we stopped. I have been looking for an antique window to make pretty and hang somewhere in the house. I found this place on craigslist and had been dying to go! Oh dear. Heaven to a DIY’er! Although I found lots I wanted, I only ended up with two horse heads and the window. I was out of money. As my Dad says, “Out, O-W-T”. Get it? That’s okay if you don’t, there’s not much to get other than I think it’s funny that he always says that and purposely spells it wrong. Still not laughing? Okay, nevermind.


Sunday consisted of laundry (bleh) and a sweet 2 year old's 2nd birthday! She is my friend’s daughter and I can’t believe she’s already 2 years old! She had a very cute Sesame Street themed birthday party, complete with a real live Oscar the Grouch!
Katie & I

The birthday girl!

Great weekend and perfect weather? Check!

PS- No work Thursday, hallelujah! A big heartfelt Thank You to the Veterans.
PPS- (haha I said pee pee!) My favorite Sister-in-Law Kimbo, her hubby Josh, and my 4-legged niece Bailey will be here a week from tomorrow! SO looking forward to their visit. Can’t wait!
PPPS- I keep thinking of more I want to add…tomorrow is the last night of our self defense class. We will go one at a time while everyone watches, and we’ll be in three different scenarios and attacked by men in big red suits. Our job is to employ the techniques we’ve learned to try and escape. Oh, and the instructors have asked me to go first to “set the bar high”. Great. Now I’m nervous…wish me luck!!


  1. Sounds like your birthday was amazing and you had a great time:) I love your sign and the pic that is also your profile pic on FB... so very pretty!!

  2. Good luck at your last self defense class - KICK BUTT!! I can't wait to see all your new crafts/goodies!!

  3. Happy Birthday Again! ... Oh and if you didn't hear.. They are putting an El Jalisco’s at the Front of Killearn! I love this area more and more everyday! :)
    We will have to go out when they get it open... or come over and watch Toy story 3 with us! :D



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