Wednesday, November 3, 2010

eight thousand seven hundred and sixty

Can you guess the significance of that number?

That’s how old I am. In days. To-day. Doesn’t that seem like eternity? So you don’t have to do the math, that’s twenty-four years. Wow, where’d they go?

It seems like yesterday I was sitting in the positive action assembly in the lunchroom at Springwood Elementary. Crossing my fingers as tight as I could that I would get picked. In case you wanna know, I did. More times than once I think. At least I have several (old) positive action kid shirts in my drawers showing proof. I was a goody two-shoes and a teacher’s pet. What can I say?

Then time flew forward. Next thing I knew I was in middle school. Trying to fit in. Adhering to a dress code of no flip flops and shorts below the fingertips. Being called a “snitch” by a not-so-nice peer who did something wrong and then when questioned by The Principal for Pete’s sake, I told them the truth of what I saw. We live and we learn to develop that hard shell, to shield us from others hurtful words. Unfortunately even today mine’s still pretty soft on the exterior…I never quite mastered the childhood rhyme of “sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will never hurt you”.

Before I knew it I was a Senior in High School. I was involved in extracurricular activities, had a tight nit group of close friends, a highschool sweetheart that I would end up marrying, and even won Prom Queen (sorry to brag, it was just a really exciting moment for me!).

College was a blur. I went from graduating 9th in my high school class to a school of tens of thousands of students in which I was just another face in the crowd. A student getting a reality check that college wasn’t going to be as easy as high school was (at least for me). I spent many, many nights crying over failed exams, dropped classes, no hope. I excelled in some areas while struggling in others. I wasn’t a partier which can be a common attribute to a student not doing well. I just had a hard time with some of my classes. I still have nightmares about failing Organic Chemistry exams. No kidding, I had one the other night (the dream). Eventually I was able to get through everything though and graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Biological Science from Florida State University. One of my proudest moments? For sure.

Now here I am, 24 years old. All grown up. Home-owner. Dog-owner. Husband-owner Married. Full time employee for the great state of Florida. Where did all the time go? Why can’t my biggest worry be what I was going to wear on Wacky Tacky day of homecoming week? Or if the lunchroom would have my favorite baked potato bar that day- the one where I could put a whole ladle of butter on my potato along with unlimited bacon bits and nacho cheese? They probably don’t even serve that anymore in elementary schools. I’m sure by now it’s been replaced with wheat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and fruit. Yuck.

I am so thankful to have lived for 24 wonderful years and I intend to live for many many more. I am so happy/proud to be a wife, daughter, sister, grand-daughter, great grand-daughter, daughter-in-law, and sister-in-law to the greatest family a person could have. So thank you to all those who have raised me, supported me, and been there for me throughout the years. Including my close friends who don’t really count as friends, but as my family:)

Love to you all, happy birthday to me, and here’s to many more!!



  1. AWW HAPPY BIRTHDAY (again) TAM!! Your post made/makes me miss high school so much and the "simpler" times :) I am so happy and lucky to have shared the past 8 (?) birthdays with you and can't wait to celebrate many more!!

  2. Brings back so many memories for me... love it!



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