Sunday, November 14, 2010

Remote Round-Up

I'm not happy with the frequency that I've been writing my blogs lately. A little too sparse for my liking so I will try to do more than just a weekend wrap-up=D

Worked on a little project today that I want to share.

When we went to Mule Day recently I picked up a coca-cola crate for $6. I had a vision and it's since come to life.

First I took a before picture (of course):

Then I sanded it with my new hand sander. It didn't take all the red paint off but it smoothed the surface which I was looking for anyway. I was planning to spray paint it and that's it. But I realized I should probably prime it since the wood was pretty soft and porous. So I primed (2 coats) and since it was white I just left it finished as primer white. Not professional I know but I didn't have white (non-spray) paint and the primer looked the same as paint would so that's how it stayed! I like it without a painted bottom to give it a more rustic effect.

BUT, I saw this on another blog and loved the fabric idea so I decided to copy.

I had leftover fabric from my camera strap so I cut it to size. I didn't have double stick tape so I just hemmed the edges with my hot glue gun. The fabric is just layed in there so is easy to remove or switch out. Worked just fine!

I just love the end result! Now our remotes have a home instead of scattered on the end tables and stacked on stuff to stay out of Remi's reach. Much better:)

PS- I am an unprepared wannabe photographer. One camera was dead already and right as I went to take the finished picture my big cam died. So, phone pics will have to suffice!

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  1. Yet again you have impressed me with your creativity! I cannot wait to buy a home and have you help me buy things like this and fix them up - I never think of projects or to buy things like this! We should so make a deal - if you really like how I dress, I'll "dress" you and you can help my decorate my home! ;)



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