Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I'm Official, the Name Tag Says So

Well, 14 days shy of my one year mark working where I do, I am finally the proud owner of one of these bad boys.
Yep, I’m official and it couldn’t be any uglier. Hah! Is it bad that I want to take it home and spray paint it white and use a pretty glaze to fill the letters? I actually laughed after it was handed to me (after the deliverer departed). Is deliverer even a word?
I honestly didn’t know they still made them look like this. Boy, the state must really be on a tight budget, but hey I’m just happy to be here and I’ll gladly be displaying my throwback name plate. I might even bring back the wood paneling. Pretty soon everybody’s gonna want one!

It got me thinking what kinds of trendy name plates are out there and I couldn’t find hardly any that were desk-adorning worthy. Hmm…do I hear an Etsy shop for name plates?!

Oh and in other news, I saw this awesome car the other day. It made me laugh, I didn't know where to look!

And please check out this belt- size 66" or something in that range. Ya know, nothing else to do while you're waiting forreevverrr for your hubby to get measured at the tux shop...gotta entertain yourself somehow!

1 comment:

  1. haha!!! Tee and I saw that truck like 2 weeks ago on Thomasville road. We couldn't figure it out. But we both LAUGHED and couldn't stop looking at it. Also, the name tag...yea they are UGLY! But I have seen people "be-dazzle"
    them haha...I dont know how "professional" that is!



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