Friday, March 2, 2012

Fabric Button Earrings

I was determined to do something tonight instead of sit around and watch tv like usual.

So after a quick browse of my To DIY Pinterest board, I went to Hobby Lobby after work and picked up some supplies to make the Fabric Button Earrings I saw on Casa de Lewis blog.

Sada’s earrings came out so cute and it seemed relatively easy so I figured I’d sit in front of the tv and at least be productive and make something.

Casa de Lewis version


My version


I bought a handful of fabrics at the minimum I could get, 1/8th of a yard. It ended up being about $.61 per fabric. Cheap enough.

Especially since I can make at least 10 earrings from each fabric. Probably more.

Oh, and I bought the gold for some FSU ones, but it ended up being too thin and didn’t sit right on the earring so I didn’t use it.



Picnik collage


Remove the piece used to sew the button since you will be hot gluing it to an earring back.


Ready to be made from buttons into earrings.

Simply glue on the backings from the earring pack.


Trying to model the black and white ones…but instead Remi photo bombed. Smile 


And one more time because they’re so cute!



  1. Ok, you may have to make me some! If I pick out the fabric, how much would they be for you to make me some? I LOVE them! So cute and preppy!

  2. I love that you organized it step by step! You rock!! I've been wanting to do this for a while! Thank you!!! ~Cathy

    1. You're so very welcome Cathy! I'm so glad you found the tutorial. I'd love to see your earrings once you make them! XO Tamara



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