Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring Porch Sprucing

Say that three times fast!

Warning – fat post on porch stuff ahead.

I have done a little sprucing up around these parts to Spring-ify my house.

It started by hanging a Spring wreath (70% off last fall at Joann’s), keeping up with my weekly grocery store flower purchase…and well that’s all I can think of. Don’t wanna think too hard I may hurt myself.

Anywho, I got the bright idea that I wanted to give my milk can another makeover after seeing this beauty on Pinterest.

oh em gee. re-spraying my red one ASAP!!

Gorge, right? Source

That’s right, mine already had one makeover. But, I can’t find for the life of me the blog post I did on it. I KNOW I posted that one. What is it with my posts? Are they disappearing or am I going crazy? I can picture reading that post and I think I was even wearing a purple v-neck shirt. Grr…

Well I took an old rusty milk can my Dad let me have and first painted it red.


It’s been sitting on my front porch so was icky.

Well it’s been red for the past two years and yesterday it got a makeover!

I was thisclose  to painting it white but decided last minute to jump ship and go yellow. You know, for Spring. I think it turned out really cute. But it may still end up white one day. Or peacock blue with white numbers…oh the possibilities!



I lurve it.

Now, let’s back up a little for the deets.


First I cleaned and primed it.

Oh and it went from drab to fab in one evening. I am impatient.


Then it got three coats of Krylon’s Bright Idea.

While it was drying, I whipped up a few things on my Cricut.


I got this blank slate sign from Michael’s for $1.99.


I cut the word welcome out in a fun font in white vinyl and stuck it on.

Then I did the address in black vinyl.

The light color shows the imperfections of the can, but that’s okay. It’s really old and it’s okay if the character shines through.


I picked up a flower arrangement from Walmart and put it all together on the front porch. What do ya think? Springy right? I love it. Makes me happy!

The great thing is I can change out the address real easily on my next house. It’s interchangeable!

Here’s the before:


Not awful but nothing to write home about.

Picnik collage2

Picnik collage

Okay, so now that the front porch was looking up to par, it was time to tackle the back.

My Adirondacks were faded and plastic pieces were broken, and everything was covered in pollen.

After reading Brandi’s post about sprucing up her back deck, I was inspired.

I fell in love with the table she posted about.

Room Essentials™ LaSalle 3-Piece Mesh Patio Bistro Furniture Set - Turquoise.Opens in a new window

When we lived in our last house we had an awesome patio table. It was huge but when we moved we sold it and ever since I have missed having a patio table outback. My porch isn’t very big so I didn’t need anything massive, so this would be perfect!

I really love to sit out back but my blue bench has now broken for a second time and my plastic chairs were breaking so I’d go out there and with three broken things to sit on, end up sitting on the ledge of the patio. No bueno.


Light bulb moment!!!


Whoa! I just realized something. I really need to layoff the food. All three of my seating pieces are broken! HAHAHAHA!

Anywho, I went to Target and they had it, and it was on sale for $99, but it was too small for what I was looking for. The chairs didn’t have arms and the table wasn’t large enough. And they only had it in white that was boxed. Boo. But it was SO cute!

So I did a little browsing in the patio section and ended up finding a table on sale for $40 and two chairs for $30 each. They didn’t come as a set but they are both wrought iron and match perfectly. The chairs are big and comfy with arms, and the table is plenty large. And I spent the same amount of money.

Score! And the cool part is I can always spray paint it Winking smile

They had lots of cute sets but the others had chairs with cloth and in my experience they get yucky quick and tend to mildew. These are perfect cause they can be wiped down or hosed down. Minimal tending – I like!

But first, my discard pile.


Anyone else still have a pumpkin chilling on their back porch? I never got around to carving it and it was still in perfect condition. It’s in the trash now though. Poor pumpkin.


So here’s my new set, styled for the “after” picture of course. Don’t think I actually leave that cute stuff outside. Which brings me to my next search…outdoor décor!

Don’t mind the tarp out and junk in the corner. It’s my firewood pile!


TLG_8398      TLG_8400


I love my blue Ikea glasses.

You can find them here. Can’t beat $6.99/6 pack.


So there you have it. A big blog post about some Spring Porch Sprucing!


  1. I LOVE THE YELLOW CAN! It pops so well off of the brick! and would transition well into fall adding those gorgeous warm fall hues! Oh how I have so much work to do on my porch!

  2. So many projects in one post! They all look great! I really love the milk can with the flowers.

    I did actually end up getting the table and chairs and it is small for sure. I really like what you ended up with! Looks like a great back area to hang out.

  3. I just found your blog! I love the welcome sign you made on the slate. What font did you use? I love it.

  4. Hi Amy! Thank you! The font is 'Pea Aimee' which was downloaded for free from kevinandamanda.com. Happy crafting! :)



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