Sunday, March 25, 2012

Girl’s Night Out–Skating Edition!

Friday was a night on the “town” with some of my sweet girlfriends.

Picnik collage

I am just a hippy girl. And I don’t mean child of the seventies…I mean I’ve got some child bearing hips!

Brittney, Nicole, Katie and I started out with some dinner and drinks at Chili’s.

photo (59)


Then we went skating! It was Brittney’s idea and I’m so glad she thought of it!


Picture stolen from Katie. We had some rule breakers in our group and it wasn’t me!

photo (61)

Missing Nicole!

photo (64)

Couple’s skating for friends!

photo (63)

photo (60)

Thankfully none of us fell or suffered any broken bones. We enjoyed ourselves!

photo (62)

We ended the night with TCBY. Brittney’s concoction was too pretty not to have a picture of.

It’s back to work tomorrow.

Working for the weekends I tell ya!

Sidenote…does anybody have any suggestions on a Picnik alternative for when their site shuts down in April? It’s how I currently do all my collages and I think I’m gonna cry when they’re gone. I got an email from them with some alternatives but after brief looks they didn’t look promising. OR, anyone know how to do pre-made collages using Photoshop Elements 9? Please share because that I DO have!


  1. Girl, you don't have wide hips! Besides, I do and turns out the width of your hip bones have nothing to do with how easy it is to carry/labor babies! LOL its apparently all about the shape of your pelvic and pubic bones!

  2. I love your outfit and those SHOES!!! Oh so cute :) I have Collage Creator, that I bought or maybe it was free not sure, in the App store for Apple. Don't know how it compares to the one you currently use or if you even have a Mac computer?! BTW those skate rule are hardcore... I so don't remember them when I was little, there would have been MANY kids getting kicked out :)

  3. Hi Tamara! See if this helps do what you want to in PE 9:

  4. OMG how fun?!? I haven't been skating in AGES!! Anyway, PicMonkey ( is a decent alternative to Picnik. I *think* some of the guys from Picnik branched off and created PicMonkey (I think I read that somewhere). Collages aren't an option on there yet, but it's coming very soon! Hope this helps! xoxo



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