Thursday, March 1, 2012

My New Longchamp Bag

Long-CHamp? Long-shomp?

I don’t know how to pronounce it, but I know I like it!

My SIL Kimbo has this bag and I drool over it and pet it every time I see her.

So I finally bit the bullet and bought myself one!

Last week I ordered the Longchamp Le Pliage bag in black.

It was more than I think I’ve ever spent on a purse, but I decided to treat myself and buy the real deal instead of a poorly made knockoff. (Which I do often on designer bags)

It wasn’t that much in the scheme of purses, but for me and my normal purse budget, it was a lot!

So anywho, I bought it last week and it came in today! I LOVE itSmile 

Can’t wait to fill her up!

I have everything shipped to my parents’ house when I order stuff because their house is more secluded and mine is right by my road and I don’t want my stuff to get picked up!

So I went to go get it today and Cole (my brother) was there and this is how the conversation went as I opened it on the counter.

Me: Oh I’m SO excited!


Cole: Is that another pair of shoes?

Me: Nooo!

(Who do you think I am, hoarder of all things shoes?)

Me: It’s a purrrrse!


Cole: Grrrreat.


Sees the weird green box it came in.

Cole: That’s the stupidest purse I’ve ever seen! How much did you pay for that?

Me: Umm…that’s not the purse, that’s the box and more than I’ve ever spent on a purse!

He starts guessing numbers.

I ultimately tell him and he laughs and shakes his head and is thankful he was not born a girl.

When I finally got it open he laughed again because it came out packed like this!


About a total size of 4x6”.

Then he got to say again, okay that really is the stupidest purse I’ve ever seen.

I had to explain the coolness of it then that it is packaged that way but that it turns into this!


Boys, they’ll never understand Smile

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