Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lamp Lovin’

I’m in love.

With this beauty.


It’s okay, you can crush too.

You know that line from Austin Powers/Goldmember, “I love gooooooold!”

Picture me saying that with lamps.

“I love laaaaaaammppps!” 

Any lamps. I am obsessed with them. Last night I had two gorgeous ones in my buggy at Marshalls but I literally had not a flat surface left in my house to put them. So I sadly put them back. But I did separate them so they had a better chance of not being bought for if I decide I need to go back and get them. Lamps in pairs are my weakness.



Betcha wouldn’t have thought that this svelte little lady looked like this before?



I saw her sitting lonely and sad on a Goodwill shelf for $7.99 and knew I could bring her back to life. She’s unfortunately been sitting in my laundry room for several months while I searched for the perfect color.

{If you buy used lamps, have the cashier put in a bulb and check to make sure they work before purchasing!}

Well, remember when I was looking for some aqua spray paint and couldn’t find it? Unfortunately yesterday I searched a few more stores and still couldn’t find it.

I was definitely bummed. Especially since my lamp was primed white and ready to go. I almost sat down and ordered it online last night but really didn’t want to order spray paint online and have to pay shipping, so I held off.

It had become kind of an obsession to find it. Even some friends knew I was looking. It was bad. It was consuming me.

Kidding…sort of.

So imagine my surprise when I got back from lunch today and get a text from my sweet friend Erin that Hobby Lobby has it in stock AND it’s on sale.

Thank you Spray Paint Gods!!

I kind of freaked and got way too excited and thanked Erin far more than was probably necessary but THANK YOU again Erin!

HL was one place I hadn’t checked yet, and go figure. They had it!

Anywho, here’s that blasted color I’d been searching for forever for the past three days since crushing on it from this project I saw it used on.


Krylon Catalina Mist

But let’s rewind a little.

First I primed her with my new favorite spray primer.



She’s even pretty just after priming.


Rem helped. And by helped I mean I kept having to holler at him to quit digging because dirt dust was flying everywhere while I was painting. No bueno.

After several days of the primer setting (while looking for paint) today I finally painted her.


3-4 light even coats. Don’t want any dripping!


Once the misty aqua was pretty dry to the touch I sprayed it with a Glossy Clear Finish so she’d really shine.


The result? I love.


I stole the shade off my bedroom lamp, but it’s okay because I replaced it with a fun new one I’ve been eyeballing forever at Target Smile


My lamp’s future’s are so bright…they gotta wear shades.

womp womp


Beautimus! And rather Springy I might add!

TLG_8063  TLG_8068

Like my new chair cushion? It was with the outdoor patio furniture for $12 at Ross. Perfect.

And so you don’t have to scroll all the way up, here it is one more time for your viewing pleasure.


This little lady definitely got better with age!

I can’t stop staring Winking smile

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