Tuesday, August 17, 2010

"2 and BBQ"

This is the term that was deemed the outcome of the softball tournament this past weekend. Friday early morning, David & some teammates drove to Auburn, AL where I followed down 8 hours later due to not being able to get off work. Their team, Oak City Assembly of God, happened to draw a “bye” for Friday night’s game so their first was Saturday morning at 9:00. The rules were double elimination so 2 losses and you’re out of the entire tournament. David’s team is very good and in fact might have had too big of a head going into the tournament already planning to bring home the National Title. Not so much. They got humbled pretty fast after losing their first two games. Eeek. They did well though only losing by 1 run in the first game and 2 in the second. This isn’t bad at all seeing as other losing teams were slaughtered by ten run rule or lost by way more than 5 runs. But in the end none of that matters because they were out. Done. Finito.

David & Mr. Paul

Not David's legs, but cool picture!

See the ball mid-air?

This is some determination!

The girl's setup. It rained all morning and let off for the last game. So that left everyone with a decision-stay or go home. The rooms were already paid for (thanks Coach!) but it was noon on Saturday and still plenty of time to make the 3 hr 45 min drive home. About 80% of the team decided to stay, us included. So then it was off to find some lunch. Let me just tell you that there’s not much in Auburn besides restaurants and the college. People like to eat! The whole team drove around for an hour trying to find this one restaurant and eventually got lost from each other and we all ended up eating on our own. Our group ate at Chili’s.

Then it was back to the hotel for a little R&R. Later in the evening we all decided to go to “TigerTown”. This is a HUGE shopping complex with almost all of my favorite stores. Just to name a few there was a Target, Kirkland’s, Dick’s Sporting Goods (the boys spent their time here). Then I saw it, HOBBY LOBBY. In almost all of the DIY blogs I read someone is always buying something from Hobby Lobby so when I saw it I could hardly contain myself. Unfortunately we (the girls) didn’t get as much time as we’d have liked to shop in there because it was about 7:40 when we got there and it closed at 8:00:( Sad day! I did manage to find a ton of things in that short amount of time though and I was even more ecstatic when everything I got rang up 50% off. SCORE!! I got lots of cute house d├ęcor & I can’t wait to get everything put up on the walls!

After the store closed and the boys were done, it was time for dinner. We decided on Outback & I have to say it was probably my least favorite trip to Outback yet. I got a shrimp Caesar salad that came with 4 shrimp (rip off!) and the salad definitely tasted like it was the real deal and had a hint of anchovies. Yucky. And David had wings that were a weird breading and tasted like they were smoked. Not what he was expecting either. But the company was great and it other than the boys moaning & complaining about the losses, it was a lot of fun!

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